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Hell Awaits you

Written By: Leanne Valladares

Did you ever think we could be forever

I hate the fact that you can smile today
So glad I made the choice not to stay
You thought that you had me and my life for good
Die today I wish you truly would

You had me thinking you were so for me
And made in to someone I couldn’t be
Say goodbye to all your future happy days
My peaceful heart and many loving ways
I hope that hurt is what you will get someday
For you to suffer I can now only hope and pray

HELL awaits you …..The door is open go …..I think its time to see
HELL awaits you …... Go pay for your sins and leave this life to me………

The sacrifice I made for you
Was so much more than you ever ever deserved
I only got stronger with every punch you ever served
It was never ok to tell me what to do
And now All I wish is hell and pain for you

Time will take care every little thing you ever did to me
To see you lose all you love would be victory to see

I swear a man like you will pay for your mistakes
A vulnerable heart to come along is all it takes

Don’t go and find another and do it all again
For you it only a matter of time before then

Sadly you still walk this earth
A bitter thought I know its true
But the truth remains and always will
THAT HELL is waiting for you.,