Lee Mason

Lee Mason


The music of Lee Mason is storytelling in melody and harmony. Their live-perfomances are intense and powerful. Growing from the tiniest phrases to widespread harmonic movements. Catchy songs, dreamy songs. All based on folk and soul.


Lee Mason is a singer/songwriter based band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Their music curves around classic songwriting like we know from
the Buckleys, The Band, Bon Iver, Simon and Garfunkel, Sufjan Stevens, Don McClean,
Bright Eyes, Joan As Policewoman and so on. Yet it has a strongly recognizable, soulful touch in playing their folk-based music with it’s almost classical arrangements.
The great variety in types of songs and the layered, detailed composition they consist of, feature Lee Mason’s repertoire in quite a unique way.

During the beginning of august, they have recorded their debut-album in no more than four days!
No overdubs, no punch-ins. The old-fashioned way.
In order to capture that magical densed and dynamic feeling that is so typical for their live-performances. And it worked out well.

Lee Mason has played on various radio-shows (national and local), released four EP’s, did several tours in Holland and is now in the final round of De Grote Prijs van Nederland (which is the biggest Dutch award for emerging artists).
End of august their album was finished and it is expected to be released in january 2010.

From september 7th to september 20th they were promoting their album in Toronto and
NYC. Doing house-concerts, performing in clubs including The Livingroom and played on The New Island Festival.


EP1 - 2005
EP2 - 2006
EP3 - 2007
EP4 - 2008
Palace (debut-album)- 2009
Songs that have been airplayed and/or streamed: - Safe as houses, Stamina, Dish, Pool, Song for dead aeroplanes, Strong wind.

Set List

12 songs. Preferably sets from 45 minutes up to an hour.

- i still remember
- dish
- home is where the heart is
- stamina
- strong wind
- song for dead aeroplanes
- palace
- pool
- blow
- fucking tree
- dry
- the headless horseman