Lee Money

Lee Money

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Real Music!! That's what Lee Money is. Orginally from DC, Lee Money is setting the standard for every rapper who thinks they are lyrical. He brings life into music but keeps the crowd moving at the same time. Lee Money will be on the level with Jay Z, Common, Mos Def, and 2Pac very soon


Lee Money came to San Antonio from DC with his son, but just like in his hometown, Lee Money has set himself apart from every other rapper in Texas. Some of his early infulences were Mos Def, Common, Pimp C, and other "REAL" artist.

Lee Money doesn't just rap, he tells a true story and takes you on a journey. If he says in his song that he is driving a cadillac or expedition then best believe that's exactly what he has in his driveway. While other artist are lieing about all the money and things they have, Lee Money is doing what most people can never do, keepin it real.

Now Lee Money is the VP of San Antonios top indi label, the main host of "Money Talks"; which is the best internet radio show in the city, and he is one of the most known artist in Texas.


Whats The Point-produced by The Mighty Joe and H-Town
Tuff Talk-produced by KT da Titan
Lee Money was featured on "Do It Big Then vol 1"

Set List

Lee Money likes to do a average of 10 min sets, but can do up to a 2 hours if needed. Everything he performs will be orginal.