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leenail austin

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soul/ soul/ soul/ from the gut from the soul all heart fealt


alfonzo leenail austin born december 1 1965 milwaukee wisconsin singer-i usemy middle name for my recording career because i like leenail much more then alfonzo i always hate'ed my name alfonzo my family call's me fonzo don't no why so im a singer with range also a martial artist. ok dancer i work on my voice i do vocal training sometimes i workout everyday in martial arts i have been influences have been james brown. the jacksons motown artists i like soul singers of old like sam cook otis redding i like social conscious hip hop as well. my personality is laid back cool calm im into spiritual things i pray do chi gong thats breathing work/ im a lover of books a recent book i just got was the art of shaolin kung-fu by wong kiew kit i study i learn i apply i enjoy life by noing that all life is short so i have to enjoy it my years in milwaukee has been spenttraining learning lots and lots of martial arts training in my youth i did hang around in the streets with my friends but i was a good kid growing up on the northwest side of milwaukee i was very shy when i was in my teens so shy sometimes i had to have my friends talk to my girlfriends for me thats to shy but thank god i grew out of it geting on stage and singing is something i always wanted to do i have gone to concert;'s i no what it takesi have a sharp mind if its something i don't no im sure i can catch on fast rather in dance singing touring . i no the music business is not easy i no this ' i no it takes lots of hard work if i can give something back through my song then mabey my life would have had a little meaning i will try my best to give the best performance i can give. i will help those around me if i rise up im in this to make money for myself d-town my mother my own family when i settle down and to give to the community if i can zen teache's to abandon the ego can't get into this and get a ego got to help others even if they have hurt me my dream has been to rise up out of this hood for my self my mother to help her because she need's it she only gets about 560.00 per month in ssi with all her bills by the end of the month she has little left it has hurt mr very much not being able to help her this is one of the resons im doing thisthe saying i like is live simple think high i have done that or atleast i have try'ed. what sets me apart is my martial arts mastery my contact number is 414-263-2769


i have a cd out now called majic wand on cdbaby you can view at http;//cdbaby.com/cd/leenail

Set List

i do many sets i have many songs i have written i can do my own songs as well as others/ song list on livebythehonordiebythehonor]1.tell me how youl like it with chaka khan sample] 2. i no yourtricking on the side]3.you aint got nothing]4.much respect]5.sending you all my love]6.i live by the honor i will die by the honor] 7.a buck 25]8.this yearning this burning]9.loves light] 10.its just the same ol same]11.trigger why you jealous]12.this is my theory of love]13. don't cry for me]14.im comeing for you boy]15.this is my war on poverty]16.kitty cat]17.contact]18.up against the wall]19.punch drunk]20.carro'ts oranges egg's oh my''] 21. back to black] all written all song by leenail austin]