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Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE

Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
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""Be Nice" stands out in the kids' music market"

Leeny and Steve kick it old school... "Be Nice" stands out in the 2008 kids' music market because it actually sounds like an album for children. This point was driven home for me as I watched my two-year-old daughter react to "Be Nice"... my daughter has always loved music, but I've never seen an album hold her attention right away like this.
Jeff Giles, Editor-In-Chief, Popdose
- Jeff Giles, Editor-In-Chief, Popdose

"Sweet songs about small moments make a big impact"

Sweet songs about small moments make a big impact. This well-produced and imaginative collection of children's music has enough variety to engage older siblings and parents as well as toddlers. There are positive messages about taking care of yourself and others, all presented with an energetic sense of fun. Prepare to be charmed by sparkling vocals and instrumental tracks... an impressive degree of taste and musicianship.
***** (5 stars out of 5)
Kathi Goldmark, Common Sense Media
- Kathi Goldmark, Common Sense Media

"Their simple, clean production keeps the performances low-key and intimate"

Their simple, clean production keeps the performances low-key and intimate. Dig "Know What the Nos Are," a Queen-like tune about all the things kids aren't supposed to do, that sounds like a junior "Bohemian Rhapsody;" and "Sometimes I Just Need a Hug," a sweet ballad that could have been cowritten with James Taylor, Carole King, and Paul Simon."
Warren Truitt, Children's Music That Rocks / Senior Children's Librarian, New York Public Library
- Warren Truitt, Children's Music That Rocks

"Leeny and Steve score on their debut album"

Leeny and Steve score on their debut album. These self-described "middle-aged rockers" offer 16 original tunes that have real kid appeal. The lyrics teach, but never preach. The album features various musical styles, such as reggae, rock, and country. Leeny's voice changes to match the mood of the piece. Several cuts deal with behavior. Many songs will be useful during story time, such as "I Like Fruit" (an upbeat pop listing of fruits that hits some operatic notes during the bridge), "Mammals," and "Who's Your Buddy?" (a pop tribute to the pet dog, from his perspective). "What Have You Done with All the Penguins?!" is a show-stopper. Never over-produced, this album should be enjoyed for its simplicity.
Stephanie Bange, School Library Journal / Children's Librarian, Wilmington-Stroop Branch, Dayton Metro Library, OH
- Stephanie Bange, School Library Journal

"Parents' Choice Award Winner!"

Parents' Choice Approved Award Winner!
From rock and R&B to reggae and country, the 16 original songs address topics as diverse as animals, fruit, clouds, being nice, rules, quiet time, and grammar. "Stinky Diaper" is reminiscent of James Brown's "I Feel Good," while "Breakfast for Dinner" extols the values of family-shared dinnertime. In an ode to Schoolhouse Rock, "Ain't' Ain't a Word" sheriff "Graham R. Justice" threatens to throw "Ain't" into the "Grammar Slammer." "Sometimes I Just Need a Hug" is a message to parents. The songs teach with humor; the music will have listeners dancing and singing long.
Gayle Geise, Parents' Choice Foundation
- Gayle Geise, Parents' Choice Foundation

"LIVE SHOW Reviews!"

"Leeny and Tamara's performance and interaction with the kids was very lively and engaging. By the end of the night even the shy kids were singing into a microphone and dancing up a storm. It was the best family fundraising event in the school's history!"
- Lisa Wheeler, Planner/Host, Private School Family Fireworks Fundraiser Event, MA

"Leeny and Tamara are captivating performers, who fully engage and entertain their audience. Their music is upbeat and catchy. CMA's families had a ton of fun!"
- Claire Marcus, General Programs Manager, Children's Museum of the Arts, NYC

"Leeny and Tamara performed to a packed house at my music center. Every bit of the show was fantastic and completely interactive for both adults and kids. Everyone had a great time, singing along and laughing out loud, and the kids even came up on stage to be rock stars! Leeny and Tamara are as polished and professional in a live setting as they are on their CD, and they interact brilliantly. We were thrilled beyond words, and hope they'll come back sometime soon!"
- Christy Zarlengo, Director, Children's Music Center of Jamaica Plain, MA

"Leeny and Tamara put on a really fun show. They were engaging and spoke directly to the kids in the audience, even letting them on stage to talk or sing into the microphone. This was an involved show where you couldn't tell where the performance ended and the audience began. Kids learned about ladybugs, sharing, or the epidermis. Leeny and Tamara have a way of making lessons fun, and that's the best way for kids to learn and retain new information!"
- Amber Bobnar, BostonChildrensMusic.com, Review of our Arlington Heights Nursery School fundraising concert
- Various

"Parents and children will love learning, giggling, and singing along"

It's hard to believe that this is a first joint effort for Leeny and Tamara. From '50s doo-wop to pop country, their fresh, unexpected vocal lines weave through all types of music to make this album a fun ride for the ears. Musical arrangements call to mind the epic partnership of Lennon & McCartney. There are a lot of funny lyrics that are actually educational for your preschoolers and young grade-schoolers. Songs send great messages about taking turns, buckling up, and being comfortable in you own skin. Catchy, quirky lyrics touch on a spectrum of kiddie topics. Parents and children will love learning, giggling and singing along. (5/5 stars)
Jessica Dawson, Common Sense Media
- Jessica Dawson, Common Sense Media

"Adults will be having the same rocking good time as the kids"

A fun, funny and educational CD for the under 10 crowd. This is an album that kids and parents alike will enjoy listening to over and over again. Leeny and Tamara have killer voices and sing in every style imaginable. The music will brighten your day and help the little ones learn a few things while they sing and dance to the music and have a rocking good time. Adults will be having the same rocking good time as the kids. This CD should be in the collections of any parent with young kids. (5/5 stars)
Andrea Guy, Ariel Publicity, ReviewYou.com
- Andrea Guy, Ariel Publicity, ReviewYou.com

"A really fun, really catchy set of songs that actually teach us things"

Leeny and Tamara have created a really fun, really catchy set of songs that actually teach us things. I've found myself saying things like, "Did you know there are over 5000 species of ladybugs? And some of them are blue!" or "Did you know that other animals can produce their own vitamin C, but humans have lost that ability and that's why we need to eat oranges or we may get scurvy?" Yeah, I'm a riot at parties. Their song, "It's Cool To Be You" highlights the fact that we all have our own talents and we're all different. My son Ivan is blind and can't walk and I can't remember ever hearing a song that actually admits that "Some wheel around in chairs; Some can't hear and some can't see." It's refreshing.
Amber Bobnar, BostonChildrensMusic.com
- Amber Bobnar, BostonChildrensMusic.com

"Parents and kids love Leeny and Tamara"

"We were given this CD as a gift and haven't stopped listening to it. Our almost-four-year old can't get enough, but I bet older kids would sing (and laugh!) along with gusto too. It reminds me of my favorite album from when I was little -- 'Free to Be You and Me'. Some of the songs have a similarly inspiring message about being comfortable in your own skin. But it also has songs that are educational 'for the whole family'. I say that because the song about Ladybugs taught me much more than I ever knew about the insects. There are also songs about skin, vitamin C and the 50 states. The song 'Hold It' will be an instant favorite with any kid in the 'potty talk' phase -- but it's so good-natured and funny, that you might find yourself singing along too."
- Amazon.com reviewer

"I tend to have little patience with kids songs, so my son has grown up with African Jazz and Bach and all sorts of things, but a dearth of singable happy tunes. We BOTH love Leeny and Tamara's songs! They have great voices and a wonderful earnestness about every single lyric."
- Rebecca, Mom, NY

"I love it!!! Congratulations on a wonderful and successful album for children and thank you."
- Daniel Matsukawa, Principal bassoonist, Philadelphia Orchestra

"In our house, we don't do 'kids' music a lot because so much of it is just too hard for musician parents to tolerate. But 'Sharing the Same Stars' is something you can enjoy as a parent and a lover of great songs!"
- Doug Wamble, E1/Universal Entertainment recording artist

"I LOVE it!!!! Seriously good. My kids just love it too. Quality, intelligent kids music."
Shawn Pierce, composer - Various


"Sharing the Same Stars" by Leeny and Tamara, released September 2009.
"Be Nice" by Leeny and Steve, released May 2008.



Fasten your seat belts for the first collaboration between award-winning children's music artist Ilene (Leeny) Altman and New York City singer/ songwriter Tamara Hey. "Sharing the Same Stars" (2009) by Leeny and Tamara is poised to become a kids' music classic, already being dubbed by parents as "the new 'Free To Be You and Me' for the next generation." The CD features 14 original, funny, intelligent, and catchy songs about topics including ladybugs, seat belt safety, the epidermis, shyness, the USA, and kindness. Tamara says, "It's an album about feelings, about respect for yourself and the world around you, and..." Leeny interjects, "It totally rocks!"

Keep an eye out for live performances by Leeny and Tamara in the northeast where they are based. "The thing parents like most about our live shows is that the kids become a big part of the performance," says Tamara. "We get the kids involved, asking questions and teaching them vocals right there to sing along." Leeny adds, "It helps make the songs and the shows even more memorable and special for everyone. And the parents end up having as much fun as the kids!" Leeny and Tamara are also available for school and educational programs, and writing custom songs for special projects.

Leeny's debut CD, "Be Nice" (2008) by Leeny and Steve, garnered several honors including a Parents' Choice Award and a Children's Music Web Award as Best Recording for Preschoolers, and was named to the Best Music of 2008 Recommended List for Your Family from Common Sense Media. Tamara has released three albums -- "Miserably Happy" (2008), "Right This Minute" (2005), and "A Little Space Left" (1998) -- independently under her own name and label, and has been hailed by NY critics as "one of the best songwriters in town." The pair first met at Berklee College of Music in Boston as songwriting students in the early 90s. "Sharing the Same Stars" reunites Tamara with producer, multi-instrumentalist, and arranger Art Hays, who produced her previous two albums. Leeny lives in Gloucester, MA with her big bald husband Nick, and Tamara resides in New York City with her husband, keyboard player, producer, and composer Henry Hey.

Leeny and Steve are a couple of middle-aged rockers who took career advice from Leeny's persuasive four-year-old nephew and released their debut kids' CD, "Be Nice." Ilene (Leeny) Altman and Steve (still Steve) Equi met at Berklee College of Music back in the day, but this is their first collaboration. "It's a little bit Sesame Street, a little bit Schoolhouse Rock, and a whole lot of fun!" Steve is a winemaker and lives in Allentown, PA with his helicopter pilot wife Stacia and an inordinate number of animals.