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"Muzikreviews.com reviews Lee Nysted's "Whispers Of Wisdom""

Artist: Lee Nysted

Title: Whispers of Wisdom

Genre: Rock

Label: Nysted Music/The Orchard

Website: http://www.leenysted.com

With Whispers of Wisdom, Lee Nysted has become a sort of modern-day musical shaman. The title of this album suggests the invisible spirit within each of us that will guide us through the most troubling of times and deliver to us an inner peace - if we only take the time to hear its voice. His lyrics are both personal and philosophic, but he modestly credits a higher power for his inspiration. His acoustic guitar playing would have made Andrés Segovia sit up and take notice and his electric playing is on par with many great contemporary artists of today.

Nysted was born a free spirit, but life for him has not always remained that way. Along the path he was ravaged by an addiction that threatened the freedom and the life he prized. Thankfully he experienced a spiritual awakening that helped break the shackles that were dragging him down. He writes about this awakening on the songs “Whispers of Wisdom” and “Thanks to Ragsdale”. Both are powerful compositions that incorporate his immaculate acoustic playing and his scorching electric guitar mastery.

“Aruba” comes straight from Lee’s heart, and has a fun and exotic rhythm with a melody to match. He travels there every year for his vacation. It’s a natural escape to paradise where he sits in the sun, sails on the ocean, and walks the sandy beaches. The beautiful scenery inspires Lee to pick up his guitar and compose some of his best music.

The Lee Nysted Experience includes an exceptional lineup of versatile musicians with Nysted playing guitar synths, electric and acoustic guitars, and sharing vocal credits with Andrew Johns and Yata. On the keyboards are Scott Bennett and Andrew Johns. Alan Berliant plays the bass while Todd Sucherman (Styx) and Matt Walker share credit for the drums, while Sucherman adds even more percussion. Together they create music that is at times powerful and cinematic, but when they really cut loose, it is with a fierce energy and passion, the kind that Lee lives for life itself.

I have always had a personal connection with Lee, and every time I listen to his music it becomes stronger. I imagine that one of those stars on the cover image to Whispers of Wisdom is Lee Nysted escaping from that fiery and turbulent nebula. Now he is free to drift off into the vast cosmos and shine through his words, his guitar playing and his art. For this music lover and intense listener, that alone means everything.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck - August 13, 2007

MuzikReviews.com- http://www.muzikreviews.com

01. Aruba
02. Here Today
03. Whispers Of Wisdom
04. Light Of The Sun
05. Thanks To Ragsdale
06. Telluride
07. One World
08. The Path Least Traveled
09. The Valley Spirit
10. This Is Your Love Song

- Muzikreviews.com

"Muzikman reviews Lee Nysted"

Artist: Lee Nysted March 2006
Title: Shoot From The Hip
Genre: Rock-Jazz Rock Fusion
Label: Nysted Music
Website: http://www.leenysted.com

Lee Nysted takes music and words, does it all his way, and calls his new album Shoot From The Hip. That expression refers to a person that tells it like it is and Nysted does that on all 12 tracks. Having traversed his own spiritual path over the years, awakening on the other side a new man, he speaks from his heart and lets his guitar do a lot of the talking with a combination of potent rock and jazz-rock fusion.

The opening track “The Semantical Consort” is a real rocker, an obvious choice for an album opener and the title track is another earth shaker, it features some nice guitar licks that puts Nysted in a good light as a real craftsman with the six-string. “Fire InThe Hole” is a nice jazz-rock fusion track. The combination of the two genres that play off each other is like the yin and yang of music at work. “All God’s Children” is a great message with some of the best guitar work on the album.

The reason I can appreciate this album so much is the two-fold purpose it serves. The music lets you cut loose emotionally and the words get to the heart of the matter with a beeline right to your soul. So not only did the music touch me, it was Nysted’s heartfelt message, and one I could understand perfectly. I know from whence he came. In the track “Windows” he says “I know hope, and I know you,” he is talking about the spirit in the sky, the higher power, God, whatever you choose to call it, a power greater than mankind, whatever works for you. “I Surrender” is the most prolific song and it’s a statement from a man that changed his life forever by making one decision, giving up the substances that took precedence over everything and turning it over to someone or something more capable of handling it. This may be too heavy for some of you that cannot relate but I had to express all of this because that is what this music revolves around. It is easy enough to apply any of it to your own life even though you may have walked a different path than Lee Nysted.

If you look at the cover you see two very colorful birds in flight, which Nysted refers to in the music, the message is very clear, free your soul and you can fly. It is apparent the artist let his hair down on this impressive release. The sound and production are excellent and so is the musicianship. Whether or not you can relate to the lyrics, although it is a bonus if you can, the music will set you free.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-http://www.muzikreviews.com

February 22, 2006

01. The Semantical Consort (3:33)
02. Colorful (4:50)
03. Shoot From The Hip (3:50)
04. Spheres (3:07)
05. Fire In The Hole (4:50)
06. Windows (4:40)
07. All God’s Children (4:44)
08. I Surrender (5:19)
09. Once And Forever (5:56)
10. Morning (6:08)
11. Friends & The Loved Ones (3:55)
12. Snow (3:45)


Lee Nysted-guitar, guitar synthesizers & vocals
Matt Walker-drums & percussion
Scott Bennett-keyboards & percussion
Alan Berliant-bass khannaleck@yahoo.com
- www.Muzikmanreviews.com


"Masterpiece" by Musicritical February 2006
Pros: Very technical and tasteful / melodic. Soulful and heartfelt. Classic rock, yet progressive for young and older audiences. Lightning fast; real four finger work. Cons: Too many songs

This is a must listen, ladies and gentlemen! It could have been released in the 80's 90's or 10 years from now. There is a lot of talent here. It has been ages since I could laugh, cry, dance, and relax all in the scope of one hour of pure listening enjoyment. Lee plays like Hendrix but writes lyrics that speak to the child in us. He runs around the guitar like Al Dimeola, yet there are voices! Yes vocals! A little soupy sweet sometimes, but Chic would be proud. Lee gives credit to a handful of players, Al included. This band is going places if they want to! They are all studio guys so we may not get a chance to see them. I will buy a ticket if there is a venue! …”
- Musicritical February 2006

"E-Music Reviews"

Shoot From The Hip
Artist: Lee Nysted
Label: NystedMusic / The Orchard

Name: Mark
Instant Msg. (Yahoo):
Member Since: June 2004
Sex: M
Location: The Third Coast

Progressive Guitar, Life Songs...

/I would classify this album as progressive rock revival, with an
emphasis on searing guitar work. Nysted's axe work is simply great
(think JH, EC, etc.). The synthesizer blends and weaves through the
music, but never threatens to overwhelm it. Yet the songs/lyrics
themselves are mature, focusing on the greater themes of our lives:
struggles, relationships, and faith. Nysted's voice is remininscent of a
Harvest Moon Neil Young, with that straight-forward from gut-and-heart lament. It is honest, yet never preachy, reminding one of Glass Harp and Phil Keaggy on the one hand, Randy California and Spirit on the other.

IMHO, those who remember the artists cited above will enjoy Nysted's debut, as well those looking for great rock carrying deeper reflections
on life.// / - Warrior4x@swbell.net


SHOOT FROM THE HIP 2006 12 songs

Whispers Of Wisdom 2007 10 songs

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Bio of Lee Nysted, USA; Tierra del Sol, Aruba

Written by Keith Hannaleck

Lee Nysted began his long journey in the world of music with Classical training at the age of seven and began playing the guitar at the age of nine. He was a bit of prodigy in math and science, scoring 166 on his IQ test.
Lee attended Medical school at Northwestern University at age 17, St. Olaf College in Minnesota, and the University of Minnesota. While attending college Lee won 1st place in 3 music contests during his stay in Minnesota, one that gained him fame on the St. Olaf campus; for the other two, he received 2 brand new acoustic guitars, providing further impetus to continue seeking music as a personal outlet of expression. Shortly thereafter, he decided he was not “cutout” to be a doctor and yet, he did not like many aspects of the music “business” either.
Lee graduated from the University of Minnesota; then began working on an M.B.A. in Chicago. Using his math background, Lee became a manager of “fixed income portfolios” in the securities industry. He continued his studies of music and the guitar throughout his entire youth and into his adult life, playing and recording with various artists in the Chicago area. Since the time he was in the sixth grade, writing music was a part of his life. Lee wrote mostly rock pieces with an occasional “fling” into choral and orchestral work. His guitar influences date back to Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and Neil Young.

Lee was destined to follow in the footsteps of one of his mentors and family friend, Jerry Goodman, world-renowned violinist for John Maclaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra. Jerry was instrumental in teaching Lee a great deal about proper technique and the use of all fingers when playing string instruments. He also learned plenty from guitar great, John Mclaughlin, yet he preferred to focus on more melodic and more rock based guitar works. Chic Corea and Return to Forever had a great impact on Lee’swork as well. Then he had the opportunity of a lifetime to meet the entire Return To Forever band while they were on tour in Chicago. He was so impressed with their music, particularly Al Dimeola’s guitar work and sound, that while playing at the ArieCrown Theater, he gave his unsolicited opinion that Al should continue to use the same gear for the rest of their U.S. tour. On his debut album, Lee gratefully and humbly credits many guitarists for their influence on his work, including Al Dimeola.

Lee is a dedicated single father of three girls, a devoted spiritual man, and grateful to be blessed with sobriety and a healthy lifestyle. Shoot From The Hip is Lee’s debut album on his own Nysted Music label. Nysted embodies the spirit and dedication of all Indie musicians and lives by the D.Y.I. rule, serving as an inspiration and role model for other musicians reaching for the same goals and success.