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Plainview, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | SELF

Plainview, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2006
Solo Alternative Art Rock




"RUDC Studios offers avenues for artistic expression"

They're hoping that the realization of their dream will set a stage and spotlight on the dreams and aspirations of other local artists, musicians and anyone who just wants to express their individualism.

"That's what we are trying to do, is be a beacon for artists, for the youth, people to come in and enjoy the things we love," said co-founder of the RU Down Cru Studios Chris Perez.

And after more than a year of renovations, Perez and artist Donald Alcala are ready for the grand opening of their multi-function art gallery and music venue located at 620 Ash St.

"We've had this vision for a longtime," said Alcala as he and group of area musicians and artists prepare for their Aug. 15 opening.

The event will be the startling line of the RUDC Studio's downtown efforts to feature great art, poetry and music from the region and beyond.

With a do-it-yourself spirit, Perez and Alcada began the renovation of the Ash building which will now feature a small shop that will offer unique and artistic pieces, an indoor stage and venue, a recording studio, a concession area, an outdoor stage and entertainment patio.

The two also plan to adorn each wall with the works of local artists.

The move to the historic downtown location is a milestone for R U Down Cru which was established in 2006.
"It started off as just a group of kids who were just trying to change things," said Alcala.

And by change, the RUDC brought a sort of underground outlet for artists, musicians and even sports.

Originally, the R U Down Cru started as a motorcycle stunt group which Alcala was member and performed at events around the area.

The "Are you down" question sparked a "just do it" spirit that called everyone to just pursue their dreams and passions -- dreams like that of Perez who began to record and produce his own music.

Alcala said the RUDC movement was their fight back against a world that, at the time, discouraged a "do-it-yourself" attitude.

"We were trying to support musicians, artists, anybody that wants to do something as an individual," Alcala said.

"Sometimes the world is against that, and they say you got to go a certain route. We are sort of the opposite."

In 2012, RUDC opened its first venue, known as The Ladders, in a warehouse on Industrial Boulevard. (west 34th Street).

The venue held monthly musical acts from Amarillo, Levelland, Tucson, Arizona, and more.

Alcala said a supportive and artistic group began to grow from the shows and events, which has propelled RUDC's efforts.

RUDC also reached out to the Plainview community as Alcala was a part of the Downtown Artwalk Council, and is a part of the skate park committee. RUDC is also working with the City of Plainview's Main Street Downtown group and is putting together a RUDC skate team.

In the efforts of upgrading their image, RUDC soon made the decision to purchase a location in the downtown area.

"We had that vision for a long time," Perez said.

"We thought we needed something downtown, and we need to be closer to where the people were, to be able to show the creative light of artists."

Through the years, Perez and Alcala said they have traveled quite a bit and have soaked in many of the cultures and sub-cultures of bigger cities.

Wanting to bring those different perspectives to Plainview, the two have designed the RUDC Studio with the capability of reflecting many points of view and hosting many different events, from poetry readings, music shows, art shows, Christian concerts and expos.

"A lot of people say, 'why are you doing it in Plainview? Why not Amarillo or Lubbock?' Because I wanted to bring it back to our hometown," Perez said.

Perez and Alcala agreed it was important to them to offer an artistic avenue to the youth and artists of Plainview and the area.

"We didn't know if this was ever going to happen, but we weren't going to give up. And we had faith, and it did happen," Alcala said.

The group said RUDC can be an acronym for about anything, but for Alcala and Perez it also means Respect, Unity, Dedication and Courage, attributes that have helped in their pursuit of this dream.

To offer the capability of hosting all sorts of shows and events, RUDC is applying for their liquor license which will allow them to host 21-and-older events.

"We are one of the few buildings in the downtown area that can have it. We searched up and down Broadway, Ash and we specifically chose this location so we can have it," Perez said.

However, the two said they wanted to be responsible with the option to offer alcohol.

"We want to bring a better culture . . . make it respectable," added Perez, who offers a craft beer blog on their website www.rudcstudios.com. The website also offers blogs on an array of subjects as well as artwork and events.
RUDC will host a free grand opening for all ages starting at 9 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 15.

The show will feature artwork from Twisted Roxy Art, Gregorio Hernandez, Angel Azua, Christopher Rigel and Nina Wyre. Also local bands and musicians will perform throughout the day. Music performances start at 11 a.m. provided by Mojave Sol, Jerry Serrano, Chris Styne, Aaron Shackelford, Lee Perez and Still Satellite. West Texas BBQ food truck will be on site.

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Performing in symphonic bands since the age of 10 Lee always had a strong dedication for performing and a deep understanding of musical discipline.  That motivation and passion is clearly visible when you see the work he has completed with local acts like 1000lbs of Sound, the Sons of Sancho, and Still Satellite. Not only being a driving force in these bands as a drummer and graphic artist he has also always produced and recorded his own music.

In 2015 Lee took his love for music and art a step further and founded a live music venue, recording studio, and art gallery in his hometown of Plainview, TX. RUDC Studios has become a beacon for local and national acts alike inspiring him to continue his own writings, music, and art.

Lee is currently performing songs from his previous albums and writing new material by looping and performing all the beats/music live. Don't miss your chance to book/see this talented and passionate performer live! 

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