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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Soul


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""Now Hear This""

Unsigned artists with the potential to break into the big time.

January 28, 2008,
Katie Hasty, N.Y.

When Leerone reaches out to new friends on MySpace, she spends time reading their profile, Googling their recommendations and personalizing her message. And as she's started promoting her forthcoming album, "Imaginary Biographies," she's been writing notes to industry contacts on customized stationery.

"My approach to everything is looking at it as quality vs. quantity," says Leerone, whose moniker is pronounced "lee-rone," a name that means "my song" in Hebrew. "It's time-consuming, but I've made some special connections."

One of those connections was with eclectic producer Christopher Fudurich, who has worked with everyone from Britney Spears to Nada Surf. The Los Angeles engineer recognized a sincerity in Leerone's piano-led chamber pop and assisted her in the studio with big and unusual arrangements.

"I grabbed pots and pans and bowls out of my kitchen and a box full of nails and screws and played them on a couple of tracks," Fudurich says. "There were no time constraints or expectations, so any direction could be explored and messed with until it felt right."

"Imaginary Biographies," set for soft self-release next month, is Leerone's first full-length set, following EPs in 2003 and 2005. She's in the midst of planning release parties in her hometown of L.A. and in New York. - Billboard Magazine

""Leerone Puts Forth an Honest Debut""

"I can easily imagine the songs fitting into a movie soundtrack or driving a hip new ad-campaign for Apple Computers."

February 13, 2008
By Matt Vercillo
- LSC Critic Online

""Imaginary Biographies""

I like Leerone's full length debut, especially the last track.

Now I know that sounds wise ass at first but here's the deal: Without the specters of her influences looming large (and they do!) "Life Could Be" lets us hear this engaging,

LA singer/songwriter in her own deserving, bright light; a hybrid of masters coalescing into one.

To get there though, we start at the overly Lennonesque To Fill The Void (John also plays a very large roll in the ballad Junk/Peace of Mind). Then the Tori overtones ring loud and clear on Care for Some Whiskey? The ominous, drums, bass, and piano driven Bring It On even with it's Plastic Ono references, does tease us with Leerone's true identity until Bush (Kate, that is) takes her seat on Leerone's piano bench for the otherwise inventive Empty House. With her obvious and abundant creativity and those of her mentors whipping about, it is a small wonder that producer Christopher Fudurich (Matthew Sweet, Jimmy Eat World) manages to keep Imaginary Biographies clear and focused.

by Mike Jurkovic - Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

""Leerone Pictures a World Filled with Music""

When Leerone joins Sea Wolf at Velvet Jones on Friday night, Santa Barbara will be treated to a tantalizing look into the current dynamics of the Los Angeles music scene. By inhabiting venues the likes of Spaceland and Tangier, both acts have carved reputations for themselves that are now bringing their sounds to the masses. For Leerone, it all comes down to image — but not in a Spice Girls sort of way. Having released two seductive EPs, the pianist is about to launch her debut album, Imaginary Biographies. And just like the recordings that preceded it, Leerone’s album is destined to seduce all of the senses, not just the ears.

November 29, 2007
By Brett Leigh Dicks
- Santa Barbara Independent

""Critic's Pick""

In the space of three albums, Leerone has shown not just stylistic diversity, but also that she can create cohesive works that evoke specific emotions. Her debut had sort of a grown-up Fiona Apple-meets-Karen Carpenter feel with soft vibrato and lilting melodies. The following EP was stripped to the essence, just a girl and her piano, yet the songwriting became more profound, culminating in "Mutha Land," a pensive ode to her place of birth. On this year's Imaginary Biographies, she experiments with instrumentation and song structure and the results are truly magnificent. The lyrics are personal, topical and always poetic. The music is increasingly non-linear, but still accessible even at its darkest moments. Taken as a whole, her catalog paints a picture of a natural talent who is more interested in creating and sharing her art than trend-chasing or niche-carving. Her last few visits to Cincy have been solo outings, which are always moving.

by Ezra Waller
- City Beat, Cincinnati

""Feature Bands""

Leerone is the down-to-earth poet you want to be friends with. More than anything she makes honest, earnest music. Her stories of the journeys of life inspire a hope and reassurance that one is not alone in their experiences. When you listen you feel like you're having a long conversation with an old friend. Leerone's songs are universally relatable but also sound timeless. Even in contrast between her first and second releases, Leerone stays strong with or without the additional layers of sound. - Fensepost.com

""Imaginary Biographies by Leerone""

Shimmering chanteuse Leerone's lush and mesmerizing melodies celebrate a symphony of eclectic diversity. Her precious vocals compliment the dynamic arrangements of sultry strings and ivory pounding elegance. Tori Amos and Feist beware as the inspiring Imaginary Biographies cascades a portrait of intense intimacy outshining some of the best songwriters performing today. Sit back and prepare yourself for phenomenal festivities of epic enthusiasm.

The classy cut "Happy+ Homemade" reveals twirling textures clutter with piano driven delicacy. "Care for Some Whiskey?" is as clever as it is infectious joyfully strutting a fiesta of Hebrew harmonies. The cabaret classic "Empty Houses" delivers haunting seduction thanks to a marvelous chorus enhanced with rapturous and distinguishing orchestration. The ultimate collection of dazzling delight.

by Tim Estrada - UndergroundMine.com

""Leerone - Imaginary Biographies""

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Leerone follows up her sophomore effort “Hail to the Queen” with another gem. “Imaginary Biographies” carries the same “walk softly and carry a big stick” sentiment as her preceding recordings. Where the music is relaxing, the lyrics speak directly to the heart and soul of your very person.

Piano and string driven, she conveys emotion I only thought Tori Amos could. Personable and open, it’s like your best friend recorded their diary, put it to music, and gave the world the chance to listen.

I’m excited by artists like Leerone. Hopefully she’s a talent that will stick around for a while

by Ray Anderson - TheCelebrityCafe.com

""LEERONE Haunting and Beautiful""

Her sound can be described as a culmination of jazz, rock, folk, and a
ton of honesty. How does it all come together? With a high level of cohesion
that is seldom seen in the music industry these days.

Leerone describes her own music as, “folk like rock / FEISTY / music that comes from a real place...” And it does
come from a real place, because it isn’t the cookie-cutter fare listeners have come to expect.

The music revolves around Leerone’s often haunting yet powerful voice, and the music itself is alive with experimentations. It’s mostly piano driven, but done
with taste. This isn’t the type of
music that term piano-rock has come to be associated with. This is something else altogether, with a European vibe that can either evoke dancing or crying depending on one’s

Keep your eye on Leerone, she could be a keeper.

By MIKE WEBB - IPFW Student Newspaper

""Leerone - EP's""

Laced with hooks and beautiful crescendos, Leerone’s music pulls you in and immediately you’re transported to an unknown time and place that feels eerily familiar. I’ve sat listening to this songstress’ two EP’s on my headphones contemplating how to put to words what emotions these thirteen songs evoked. Without heavy-handedness, I wanted to give a just and brutally honest assessment. Upon first listen her music surpassed any expectation I may have had about what I was about to hear.

On Leerone’s Debut EP, In this Life, On this Road, she envisioned herself as an elderly woman who is still attempting to grapple to some sense of home and a belonging. Years of love and loss, a life on the road, witnessing some five or six decades pass with her vision of America constantly shrinking and expanding, redefining itself and spiraling past fill this record. A theme I have yet to see put to record, but executed beautifully and sparks visions of a post-war, Beat vision of America. The production lays the foundation and Leerone’s songwriting delivers. It’s intimate, and befitting, anything more would have deviated too far from her message and the emotion and power her songs convey.

Now, she has returned with a second EP, Hail to the Queen, minus the drum kit and bass found on her first outing. Leerone wanted to record her second record with her live performance in mind, an ambiance that’s inescapable throughout her catalogue. What’s so surprising is the maturity that is emanated from her recordings. Much like her first EP, Hail to the Queen, gives the listener a sense that they are tucked in a dank, smoky bar, in the wet San Francisco night. The Carole King comparisons are spot on- liberating, autobiographical, and intimate. What Leerone also sprinkles her songs with is a bit of Billie Holiday’s brutality and attitude, an approach that’s all but nonexistent in today’s music.

Leerone spoke of her early migration from Israel to the United States and a feeling of a dual existence that stemmed from having two homes. That’s perhaps what I love most about her music- the feeling of home that’s coupled with listening to her songs. Maybe it’s a fond reminiscence, its mysterious elusiveness, the alienation that’s accompanied by age, or perhaps the struggle with all three; at any rate Leerone sings songs about home and whatever that means to you. If her first two recordings are any indication, all she needs to do is stick to her guns and Leerone will be well on her way. - Fanbolt.com


Imaginary Biographies - 2008
• Produced, engineered and mixed by Christopher Fudurich (Jimmy Eat World, Nada Surf, Matthew Sweet, Fishbone).

Hail to the Queen - 2005
In this life, on this road - 2003
• Both EPs produced, engineered and mixed by Ariel Rechtshaid of Foreign Born (Plain White T's, We are Scientists).



Just recorded an album with Chris Seefried (Fitz and the Tantrums), to be released in February 2012.

Touring, singer-songwriter with 2 EPs and a full-length CD. All original work – including instrumentation, lyrics, presentation and experience (attire, artwork, production process, etc.). Music is shared through traditional channels such as live performances at music venues including the Troubadour, El Rey Theatre, House of Blues, Key Club, Hotel Café, etc. - and via contemporary digital channels like iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, etc. Writing collaborations with Michelle Lewis (Lindsay Lohan), Jimmy Messer (Kelly Clarkson), Christopher Seefried (Fitz & the Tantrums), Mike Daly (Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Marie Digby), Curt Schneider. Songs featured in the hit TV series “The Ex-Factor” (CBS), "The Real World" (MTV) and “LA Ink” (TLC). Local & college radio air play including KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic (Nic Harcourt) and Indie 103.1 Check One Two with Mark Shovel.

• Atlantis Music Conference
• Boston Music Festival
• ChicksRockFest (CRF)
• MidPoint Music Festival (MPMF)
• Nemo Music Fesival
• RedGorilla Music Festival
• Rose City Rocks Music Festival
• San Diego Indie Music Fest (SDIMF)
• International Pop Overthrow (IPO)

• Best Music Video - 8th Annual Independent Music Awards
• Best Music Video - Tucson Film & Music Festival
• Featured Artist - Air New Zealand's In-Flight Entertainment System
• Featured Artist - ReverbNation and Microsoft's Sponsored Song Program
• Top Track - Our Stage Singer-Songwriter Competition

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• Big Smile Magazine
• Billboard Magazine
• Celebrity Life
• City Beat
• Fanbolt
• Hybrid Magazine
• Pop Matters
• Santa Barbara Independent
• The Red Alert

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• Leerone.com
• Leerone.com/FreeDownloads
• LeeroneStore.com
• Facebook.com/LeeroneMusic
• YouTube.com/LeeroneMusic
• Myspace.com/MyNameIsLeerone
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