Lee Rude

Lee Rude


Lee Rude writes and performs instantly memorable real life songs


Lee Rude has been making music all his life. Music helps to blunt the horrors and brutality of human existence. People seem to like his songs. He plays guitar pretty well and makes songs that are very sad yet somehow exultant. His intense on-stage presence and potent vocal style have gained him notoriety in clubs and stages all over the world. Somehow he still can't seem to catch a break. He thinks he might be stupid, but can't tell for sure.

Rude is based in Seattle and has recorded and performed with Mike McCready(Pearl Jam) and Bardi Martin (Candlebox) among many others. His group, Lee Rude and the Trainwrecks filled halls all over the Puget Sound area for nine years before disbanding in 2009. He currently performs a solo act as well as fronting the heavy rock band, Chelsea Speed Party. He is developing a noise project called Death Spore. Lee strives to promote local experimental acts, despite the pointless nature of such endeavors.

Rude will never stop, even as an indifferent world crushes all hope of him. He is good with any size crowd, but who cares?



Written By: Lyrics:Lee Rude Music: Lee Rude with Gary Westlake

I was born in old West Virginia
Where the mines run long and deep
And my family ain't getting much richer
So I guess it's up to me

So I signed for a job and the foreman said
"Boy, can you start right now
Cause I lose more men to the bottle
than I ever did underground.......

Someone said work's good for me but it broke my daddy down
And someone's gotta save the family tree
before the county man chops it down

I know some fellas like the fancy women
and buy them pretty things that they need
But I never had such and my money ain't much
for my baby and me

Someone had the nerve to say to me
"there ain't nothing for a boy like you"
But it doesn't mean a thing to me
So long as you don't think it's true...
-oh, do you?

Thought I'd save for a rainy day
maybe buy that sweet girl something good
Thought I'd put aside every payday
but somehow never could

Now 15 years turned to 20 then 30 and it just don't end
Spend a few bucks in town, then I gotta turn around
and go down again
Spend a few bucks in town, then I gotta turn around
and go down again, my friend

Living In Sin

Written By: Lee Rude

Heaven help the son of a gun
who takes my evil name
My daddy took my parachute
and pushed me from the plane
He said "son there's no time like today
to learn to get your own
And I guess you better grow some wings
'Cause you're going down alone!"

I fell down and turned around
and learned to beat my drum
I said "If you want a piece of me, boys
Come and get you some!"
'Cause one thing my old man left me
was a belly of bitterness
And if you're like me you should say no
But you wind up saying "yes" HELL YES!

You never seen the likes of me
The devil's in my blood
If you turn your back I'll rob you blind
And take the one you love
Because that's the way I'm living
Like there's no place left to fall
For a man like me to cross the line
It don't take much at all...
I'll fall...

Pain Is A River

Written By: Lee Rude

Pain is a river, rolls long and rolls low
And down to the ocean pain waters will roll.
All of the people roll over in pain;
It flies up to heaven and comes down as rain.
My love was a bird she flew out my of sight
Off to the horizon and into the night.
Now the forests will burn and the ashes will blow
Dissolved by that river or covered in snow.

I was her suitor and she was my queen
And I was gonna to make her, if you know what I mean.
But she took my heart and left only a hole,
Now pain is a river that washes my soul.
Pain is a river, rolls over the land-
Cuts into a mountain past woman and man.
Now those mountains will crumble and fall to the shore
And the birds in those trees will be singing no more.

I cried to the mountains, I sang to the sea
To find me one good reason for this thing inside of me.
They said "the heart is a fountain where love takes it toll.
And pain is a river where everything rolls."
(that washes my soul)
If love is a mountain too lofty to climb
Then pain is a river, leaves nothing behind
Now the stars will fall down with the moon and the sun
And the sky will burn out but that river will still run.
The sky may burn down but that river will still run.


Bound For Glory- Lee Rude and the Trainwrecks 2004
re-release 2010