Lee Rude and the Trainwrecks

Lee Rude and the Trainwrecks


Everyone likes the Trainwrecks! The guitars are heavy, the songs awesome, the vocals are impeccably delivered by a charismatic frontman, it's an emotional experience from start to finish.


Lee Rude and the Trainwrecks are a Seattle-based rock-n-roll combo with heavy country/Americana influences. Formed by frontman/songwriter Lee Rude in 2000, the band went through several personnel changes before solidifying into the current line-up in 2003.
The band is: Lee Rude(guitar/vocals); Gary Westlake(guitar/steel guitar/mandolin); Kelly Van Camp(guitar/harp/backing vocals); Bardi Martin(bass); Robert Mitchell(keyboards); Chris Friel(drums).
Bassist Bardi Martin was a founding member of Candlebox, Seattle platinum-selling "grunge/pop" band. Martin reformed Candlebox in 2006 and toured the US before leaving to dedicate himself to the Trainwrecks.
Chris Friel has been a fixture in Seattle rock since his early years, when he and his brother Rick formed Shadow with Pearl Jam's Mike McCready. (McCready contributed guitar to three Lee Rude songs on the 2004 release "Bound for Glory"). Friel has been the drummer for rock vets Goodness since the nineties.
In 2006, Lee Rude and the Trainwrecks began recording a set of songs at London Bridge Studios with veteran producer Dave Hillis(Pearl Jam "ten"). It is at this point the train came screeching to a halt as Rude developed serious health problems and surgeries and extensive rehabilitation were needed.
We are pleased to report that Rude has recovered fully and has re-formed the band. Lee Rude and the Trainwrecks are completeing an EPK and are booking shows for late 2008.
LRTW packs houses all over the greater Seattle area, and have collaborated with Mike McCready(Pearl Jam), Kim Virant(Lazy Susan), Rick Friel(The Rockfords featuring Carrie Akre), among many others.
Their live shows have garnered many accolades from local press, including SeattleNoise.com, RadioFreeSeattle, and were recently named "Band of the Month" by local eatery Dick's Drive-in!
The band is looking forward to completing the London Bridge sesion recordings and getting back on the stage and road.



Pain is a River

Written By: Lee Rude

Pain is a River, rolls long and rolls low
and down to the ocean pain waters will roll.
All of the people roll over in pain-
It flies up to heaven and comes down as rain
My love was a bird, she flew out of my sight
off to the horizon and into the night
Now the forests will burn and the ashes will blow
dissolved by the river and covered in snow

I was her suitor and she was my queen
And I was trying to make her, if you know what I mean.....
But she took my heart and left only a hole
Now pain is a river that washes my soul
Pain is a river, rolls over the land-
cuts into the mountains will crumble and fall to the shore
and the birds in those trees will be singing no more!

I cried to the mountains, I sang to the sea
to find me one good reason for this thing inside of me
They say the heart is a fountain where love takes its toll
and pain is a river where everything rolls
If love is a mountain too lofty to climb
then pain is a river, leaves nothing behind
Now the stars will fall down with the moon and the sun
and the sky may burn out but the river will still run.
Yes, the sky may burn down but that river will still run.

You're Not The One

Written By: Lee Rude

Oh, when we were young
we knew it was wrong
but we never learn
Now there come a day
our love fell away
so now we just burn

Oh, we had our fun, but you're not the one
you're not the one

Once, there was a time
the world was all mine
but I was so wrong
Now, I finally see
the way it should be
is me on my own

Oh, we had our fun, but you're not the one
you're not the one
Oh, here comes the sun,
and I gotta run
'cause you're not the one
you'e not the one


Written By: Words:Lee Rude, Music: Lee Rude, Gary Westlake

I was born in old West Virginia
Where the mines run long and deep
And my family ain't getting much richer
So I guess it's up to me

So I signed for a job and the foreman said
"Boy, can you start right now
Cause I lose more men to the bottle
than I ever did underground.......

Someone said work's good for me but it broke my daddy down
And someone's gotta save the family tree
before the county man chops it down

I know some fellas like the fancy women
and buy them pretty things that they need
But I never had such and my money ain't much
for my baby and me

Someone had the nerve to say to me
"there ain't nothing for a boy like you"
But it doesn't mean a thing to me
So long as you don't think it's true...
-oh, do you?

Thought I'd save for a rainy day
maybe buy that sweet girl something good
Thought I'd put aside every payday
but somehow never could

Now 15 years turned to 20 then 30 and it just don't end
Spend a few bucks in town, then I gotta turn around
and go down again
Spend a few bucks in town, then I gotta turn around
and go down again, my friend