Lee Sang Eun
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Lee Sang Eun

Band Rock Adult Contemporary


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[Main Albums]
1989 1st Album - Love you Love you
1989 2nd - I'm gonna Love you
1991 3rd - Slow Days
1992 4th - Begin
1993 5th - LEE SANG EUN
1995 6th - Gong Mu Do Ha Ga
1997 7th - Lonely Funny Store
1997 8th - LEE-TZSCHE(released in Japan, released in Aug. 2000, Korea)
1999 9th - Asian Prescription
2001 10th - Endless Lay
2003 11th - Amazing Experience
2005 12th - Romantopia
2007 13th - The Third Place

[Other Albums]
1997 - Actually, Finally (single, in Japan)
1998 - Ogiyodiora (single, in Japan)
1998 - Give it all (Japanese Movie OST)
1999 - A Path (single, in Japan)
2000 - She Wanted (Movie 'Bong Ja' O.S.T)
2000 - Don't Say That was Yesterday (1991-1999 Best Album)
2002 - Asian Breeze (The Best Of LEE-TZSCHE, in Japan)
2007 - Out of Space (Digital Album, in Korea)



Listen to Lee Sang Eun, and Listen to Korea.
Adult Contemporary Rock of Korea - Lee Sang Eun
A True Artist Embracing the Avant-garde and the Latest Trend at the Same Time

Singer-songwriter Ms. Lee, Sang Eun is an artist who maximizes the sensitivity of Korea and Asia while holding on to the worldwide trend. Debuted in 1988 at the age of 19, she seemed to have become a typical idol star. However, Lee declared to break away from her past after two consecutively successful albums. Lee's third, fourth, and fifth albums show her ambition to reject the mainstream pop-music scene and persevere with her own unique style of music. Critics lauded the album, Gongmudohaga, released in 1995, as 'a unique sensitivity that has never been, and will never be'. Lee herself wrote the piece Gongmudohaga to the oldest poem in Korea, Gonghuin(another name for Gongmudohaga). In this album, Lee shows how harmoniously pop-music of the East and the West can intertwine with each other.

Lee's 7th album The Lonely and Funny Store (1997) showed her stableness and concentration as an artist. The same year, Lee signed with EMI Japan and released three albums in Japan. This happened before the word 'Han-ryu (Korean Stream)' was even beginning to be used.

Having accomplished much as an artist, Lee seeks to transform her music style to the adult contemporary genre starting from her 11th album, Mystique Experience (2003). Different from her progressive albums of the past, she began to sing about everyday sentiments in a way that the public was familiar with. She continued to perform music centered on themes of 'mystique' and 'romance' that could heal wounds of the heart and help endure life. Her thirteenth album The Third Place released in 2007, following Romantopia in 2005, is musically exquisite and best embodies what Lee intends to express through her music.

Ms. Lee, Sang Eun is truly an artist because she creates outstanding music, and on top of that, delivers messages that are relevant to our time. Embracing melodies of the East and the West, she has performed music that is only possible through her voice, and now goes on to comfort the souls who feel exhausted and hurt by modern society. In Korea, at least, it is not easy to find an artist who embodies such artistic spirit as sincerely as Lee does.