London, England, GBR

Simeone floats blissfully between very mellow dreamlike vision pieces, to full on outbursts of electro darkwave; all of which weave unmistakable sparkling strands of symphonic synth-driven magic.


Lee Simeone is a composer of atmospheric synth-pop & is a multi-instrumentalist. Simeone released his debut album "The Dream Weaver" in 2009 which was recorded at The 'Mad Professors' complex in Surrey where Simeone rented studio space. A track from the album was featured in an artists exhibition held by the world renowned 'Tate Modern' Gallery in London.

These self produced debut works were released on the London based 'Le Coq Musique' record label. The label's roster features collaborations with 'Adam Ant' & 'Kevin Mooney' (Adam Ant / Sinead O'connor) & is also run by Mooney along with 'Renegade Soundwave' front man 'Gary Asquith'.

Simeone has gone on to win some great reviews - namely the pro music magazine; 'Future Music' who quoted A huge sound & more recently 'Rough Trade Records' regarded him simply as 'a wunderkind multi-instrumentalist'.

The newly released self produced album titled; "An Introduction To Simeone" has already started to win rave reviews. 'Igloo' the electronic music magazine quoted "The flashes of intimate excellence, which wind through each composition, are laden with infinite musings." 'FMV magazine' (Sep 2011) concluded " ‘Unique’ is a difficult word to wield accurately and appropriately in music, but this epic 21-track album suggests Simeone may be able to stake a reasonable claim to it."


In The Stars

Written By: Lee Simeone

Far across the shadows
You smiled by the mirror
Can you see me In the stars tonight?
As they vacate heavens gate
They enrapture my soul
Ravishing me Into a sleepless state
Across a soulful space
Under the shinning light
Of the blue lagoon

Oh you're like dimonds in the sky
You're like dimonds in the sky
In the stars tonight
Oh In the stars tonight
In the stars tonight

Enlightening true love
That leavens the heavens
As the dew falls
From your starry eyes of sensation
They radiate me

These memories burn on forever
These memories burn on forever
Like diamonds in the sky
Like diamonds in the sky
Crystallised memories everlasting
Crystallised memories everlasting

Intertwines & intensifies us
Intertwines & intensifies us
To eternity

Without Your Feeling

Written By: Lee Simeone

I'm an empty soul
Without your feeling
I found your soul
And affection appealing
Your careless whispers echo
Through my night
And turn my sky blue
And do you get that feeling?
That I've been watching?
From the highest mountain climbed
To hope for
Your return
I hold out for your love
But you weren't watching
Is it me that your dream catching?
I walk through the garden
You were asleep
To hope to find you
Standing by me
Standing by me
And I'm an empty soul
Without your feeling
I found your soul
Left in me
From these cold
Silent moments
Your careless whispers
Echo again
But it's just another sting
Love me, hold me, again..
Till dusk
Till dawn


The Dream Weaver (2009)
An Introduction To Simeone (2011)

Set List

Hiroshima Mon Amour
Translucent Track
A Forget Me Not
Everywhere In Twilight
Little Lost Soul
In The Stars