Lee Simmons

Lee Simmons


Literate pop-rock with a nod to influences like Michael Penn, Neil Finn and Aimee Mann.



Everyone knows what a fabulously talented songwriter Lee Simmons is. Since living hither and thither across America, Lee's recent return to Austin has been chock full of mesmerizing performances that leave even the most cynical music aficionado scratching his head in wonderment. But even someone like Lee needs a hook. Thus, the following talking points comprise an outline that we hope will eventually become an official Lee Simmons marketing strategy. I look forward to your thoughts...

I. REINVENT LEE AS ANGRY WHITE RAPPER. This could be problematic, considering Lee's one less-than-successful attempt at breakdancing. Contact Adidas for possible wardrobe makeover. Must convince Lee to swear more often.

II. SECURE LEE A GUEST SPOT ON NEXT J-LO RECORD. Or Avril Lavigne's, for key rebel street cred.

III. START FEUD WITH OTHER MALE SONGWRITERS. David Gray? Duncan Sheik? Ryan Adams? Gallagher brothers at once?

IV. BREAK INTO JAM BAND MOVEMENT. We all know Lee takes guilty pleasure in extended bongo solos. Contact Matt McConaughey for fashion direction.

V. TELL THE TRUTH. That this literate songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hails from the classic mold that produced the likes of Neil Finn, Michael Penn and Aimee Mann. That he has returned to Austin with a sound that benefits from the diversity of places he's lived over the last three years. That he is in a league beyond the majority of records that saturate the general public.

Retraction. That would never work.


>>Born 1974 in El Paso, Texas. Since resided in New Mexico, California, South Carolina and Austin.

>>Raised in family of music appreciators. Mother begrudgingly took piano lessons. Father played trumpet in high school. Siblings gave up orchestra for more profitable enterprises.

>>Began playing the violin in fifth grade. Performed with middle school orchestra at Carnegie Hall in 1989.

>>Began writing songs in 1990. The country-hearted passion of R.E.M. through Brit-tinged lenses.

>>Recorded two professional demos in Austin in 1998 and 2000. Performed at New York's Living Room and garnered invitation to prestigious Cutting Edge of the Campfire series in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

>>Moved to California in 2001, opening shows for Catie Curtis and William Topley, among others.

>>Returned to Austin in 2002. Currently performing and recording debut LP with Brian Davis (David Garza). Spending free time perfecting Thom Yorke falsetto.


Forecast EP (2003)
Antebellum EP (2000)
Depot Park (1999)
"Sweet Nothings" played on KRSH-Santa Rosa, CA

Set List

Typical set (45 minutes to 1 hour):
Circle Fits the Square Peg
Death of the English Language
Rockwell Avenue
More Lost than Found
Burning the Orchard
Virginia Tonight
Keep the Lie Alive Until It's True
Sweet Nothings