Lee Simpson Band

Lee Simpson Band


Full tilt Americana Rock and Roll - A uniquely Californian take on Alternative Country and Roots Rock and Roll


From the sun and sand of Orange County to the Sierra foothills of Chico to the art and culture of San Francisco, comes an artist who truly embodies the spirit of California. Simpson's songs traverse the rock and roll, folk, country, bluegrass, and jazz easily and gracefully. Guitar stylings call to mind the best of Knopfler, Frisell, Atkins, Gilmore, and Morse while holding tightly on to a unique signature. It is a rare treat to hear work so firmly rooted in tradition and so unapologetically breaking new artistic ground. Like an Italian cab-driver, Simpson has torn of the rear view mirror forging confidently ahead without looking back.

“Objects may be closer than they appear.” This is the constant warning that we are given every time we look in those mirrors to see what we are leaving behind, just as it should be a warning on the back of the new Lee Simpson self-titled album. The heart-spilling lyrics of Simpson and Jason Fletcher remind us that no matter how far down the road you go, it just might not be far enough. As he sings in “This God Damn Place,” “sometimes it’s easier to move along / and bear it all in time.” Whether in the bare-bones harmonizing of “Doing Well” or the toe-tapping melancholy of “Those Old Times,” Lee Simpson gives you the sense that nothing is being held back — vocally, or emotionally. Clean acoustic picking, crisp steel guitar licks as well as some plugged-in, muddy riffs help maintain the down-home feel of this album. – Noel Pearson


This God Damn Place

Written By: Lee Simpson 2003

So good night baby and know I will be there, With so much on the line I didn't ever mean to sound like I don't care About your heartstrings and the way they caught my But sometimes it's easier to move along than to bear it all in time

In this goddamn place…

So if you had to do it all again. Just what would you say. Would you walk proud in your flow day to day or would you remember your own pain. Cuz there's more than one way Yeah there's more than one way to fly away

from this god damn place, where more than a few good souls have lost their way…

Big City River

Written By: Lee Simpson 2000

In the blink of an eye. It'll move right along. Big City River run wide and run hazy. For all the trouble it'll help you along but always remind you of change. There are so many mirrors how could it be. I'm expected to swim with no sight of the shore. We just try to sing and bathe in the pressure. We let it right in and it comes back for more.

A trinket you buy, shimmer and sparkle. How gently it sways on your mind. In the end when I'm at the end of a shovel. I still don't think that I'll mind. There are so many mirrors, how could it be. Big city River run through me like crazy. For all the trouble it's given us these songs. We let 'em right in, there never gone long.

In the blink of an eye it'll move right along. Big City River run wide and run hazy.

My Baby Loves Me

Written By: Lee Simpson 2002

A couple odd years ago. A point in my life. I knew I needed something more than distant highway light. A lifelong love was over. She's talked me through the night. She said you might go get some standards and they just might treat you right. So I thought long and hard and put it all away. I packed everything I had but the bottles and the keg. It's didn't even start to fill my old Chevy pickup. We went rolling down the road to leave the darker days behind.

My baby loves me. My baby's down. My baby loves me all over town…..

Moved up from the valley. Met theses guys and shook a leg. Tried to write a brighter song and lighten up my head. Now the songs they come out clearly and the future's bright ahead. I still live to bring it down each night but I'll use my blues instead.

My baby loves me. My baby's down. My bay loves me….. All over town.

Were never slowin' down….


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Discography Includes
Lee Simpson "LS" 2004 Vina Loam Records
Lee Simpson "King Harvest" 2001 BLG Music
Lee Simpson "22nd and Treat " 2000 BLG Music
Blue Dye Fire "Road Burger" 1996 BLG Music
Blue Dye Fire "Thank You for Being Alive" 1994 BLG Music

Lee Simpson has also been listed on many artist compilations, co-written many records and made guest appearances on numerous albums for other artists.

Set List

Rocket Transfer Warehouse
Family Arrives
Missin' Those old times
Decembers Ghost
Big Sky
Ass out
Big City River
Yellow Eyes
Get it Right
Flying Blind
Home to the Quieting Day
All In Time
Allah Dreams
Down By The River - Neil Young
Wichita - Gilliam Welch
Paradise - John Prine
Keep on Growing - Derek and the Dominoes
Northern California
Send Me
My Baby Loves Me
This God Damn Place
Come Together - Beatles

*** This is based on a 1.5 to 2 hour performance time. The set can of course be altered by content or length.