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What is this new sensation coming str8 outta St. Pete, FL? I guess you wanna hear the buzz that's going around town and beyond. If you haven't already heard this cat performing around your hood, then you betta tune in right chea!


I was born Arthur Lee (Leethal) Dennies Jr. on January 5, 1975 to Arthur and Lorraine Dennies, in St. Petersburg Florida. Early on as a Child I would write songs, but never really shared them out of embarrassment. As I got older my friends and I developed a liking for R&B music. In 1993 while visiting a cousin's house I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour. I didn't fully understand then, but it makes so much more sense to me now. Mainly because I knew that something was missing in my life. Even after accepting Christ I still really wasn't feeling gospel music. Sorry folks it just wasn't my thing. But I did at least end up with a church home, which by the way is my church today (Genesis Worship Center Church under Pastor Linda L. Sesler). So from there I did a short stint in the Army Reserves. The main part that sticks out to me was basic training and AIT. This was mainly because that is where I really started getting into singing. I remember I would go to church on Sunday to get out of working that day. I know sad but true. We would be rehearsing for the choir and ultimately we would end up singing secular songs. Afterward we would go sing hymns. From there I really just kicked around for a while until I met my future wife Latrice Robinson. I really have to say that if it weren't for her I would still be running the streets. She's the one that got me to go back to the church I joined in 1993. I really got involved in it, with such things as being in the choir and the praise and worship team. I even remember my first solo. It was sung in front of our presiding Bishop, her grace Corletta J. Vaughn. Presently, both my wife and I are training to be ordained ministers. I have also done various shows through Tampa and St. Pete. And have had the Blessing to share the stage with such Artists as K-Drama, Viktory, and Meccanism from Waste Management. I've even had the pleasure and honor of recording with Shei Atkins & Jacob Izrael.

Songs that have streaming or radio airplay are as follows:

No Turnin' Back ft Shei Atkins


Goodbye World

Written By: Leethal & J. Gatz

Goodbye World

J.Gatz rap
Goodbye to the world, so long I'm operating in the mindset Father GOD has shown. Ain't no sense in getting me wrong cuz making hit songs right up the alley where his kids belong. Got a different concept mind thought mind state. Saying bye to the world a mistake? not in these parts. Thats the goal trying to get him up in people hearts. Wanna hear more on top of it here's Leethal Art's

When I say goodbye to this word, not saying that I give up on life, just tired of living without light, Tired of having constant fights. Then I heard of this man JESUS, and how he died to rescue us. I learned that I had to turn from sin, so that my healing could begin. And now Im charged to share this truth, and so Im bringing it to you. So you may also know his truths, and why he cares so much for you. So this is how he paid our price. He made the supreme sacrifice. He stretched out his arms and he died that way, but he rose again on the third day.

Goodbye world, I stand no longer with you, I am no longer your fool, No longer under your rule
Goodbye world, I stand no longer with you I am no longer your fool, No longer under your rule

J. Gatz
I used to be that pledge brother down for the world. Used to be down for my dough and especially girls. Now I've gotten sick til I've urled. I pray to GOD cause I ain't feelin so sterile, can you feel my pain? I used to hit em like a jumper from Ainge, til the Lord came and jerked my chain. That don't make you a man. Told the ol boy come and take a look see opened up the Good Book it had me shook B. You know this hemisphere leave you feeling filthy. I left my sins now ya boy smooth as silk sheets. The devil call himself coming round to tempt me, I put him down like a milk carton empty dude. I'm the loyal type ain't no runnin in fear. Satan knows where I'm at I'm right here. Reminds me of the life that I lead but the fact of it is the old man that you knew is dead, so say goodbye ya'll

Goodbye world, I stand no longer with you, I am no longer your fool, No longer under your rule
Goodbye world, I stand no longer with you I am no longer your fool, No longer under your rule

I remember when I was young; I wanted to be like everyone. With the elite group I wanted to run. I wanted be part of the fun. But I learned that the fun was wrong. So getting back to the purpose of this song. Which is to let you know that Im, no longer inclined to live that life. But not only that I want to say. I only had pain when I lived that way. My whole life was spent on carnal gain. Trying to get things I couldnt obtain. So getting back to where I start. And how the Saviour touched my heart. I know that I couldnt fathom it. But Ill try to comprehend.


Can't Be Denied - Release Date TBA 2007

Set List

1. It's Wrong
2. No Turning Back
3. Goodbye World
4. Get Right
5. 4Ever Praise