Leeves music is melodic rock driven by sincere lyrics, technical wizardry and one heck of a live show. Electronic rock to brit pop can be heard at a live show. This South African/Canadian has songs to dance to, songs to live to and songs to love to.


Leeves, better known as Jared Bengtson puts his everything on the line with his initial recordings on "album after". Born and raised in South Africa, Leeves had a quite eclectic upbringing and with such came vast influence from both local and international talent. Learning to play piano by ear by repeating his mother's practices of her grade 8 material. Guitar, bass, drums soon followed.
He has performed successful shows in 10 countries including Korea, Australia, US, Canada and South Africa. His sound draws from his many influences but with such sincerity and passion for music, it is very original. Jared's home-base is now in Toronto, Canada.

Set List

-sunshine on a pretty face
-you're losing it
-view from the top
-you conform again
-all night
-would you say oh
-i was so, in love
-we need to make some changes
-descending song
-honkey tonk