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Funny Thing (My Last Set)

Written By: Lee Watkins

Funny Thing
©2007 Lee Watkins Words and Music

Lights go down, spot comes up
And I'm feelin' the love in the room
Like that Jones guy in the Temple of Doom,
And I start to think this gig can't end too soon

In the crowd, there you are
And you shine like a star in my eyes
Did you feel it, too, that temperature rise?
Did you hear my good sense just say "goodbye"?

(Refrain) Funny Thing
How you came along
On the very night I would need you
It's a cosmic joke
Or a snowball's chance I can cling to

Can't resist, I know it's wrong
But I'm playing each song just for you
And I'm hoping you'll love that I do
And I hope you'll still be here when I'm through


Another song, a different key
This will finally be My Last Set
Gonna see how lucky one guy can get
Have I played the one that makes you want me yet?