Lee Willz + Trademark

Lee Willz + Trademark

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Do you wish you were a badass skateboarder? 'We Do'! Electro Hip Hop Rap Skanker Duo Lee Willz + Trademark are South East established rap artists, songwriters and producers delivering energetic performances and popular on trend music.


Starting with a cheap set of decks at the age of 13 Lee Williams formally known as mc Lee formed a UK grime band, their presence and improvisation swept the underground scene.
Attention was drawn to their previous group Verbal Knock Out when the member 'Danny Who' recorded a track and video on to youtube and the track was broadcasted on BBC News.
Lee Willz teamed up with producer Trademark (Tom Moth) whom created his Indie record label in 2009 'Cool Sound Recordings' and took on the most well known Kent artists at the time including Lee Willz, Danny Who, P Man and Ricky Charles.
As the music and talent grew so did their reputation. With a string of sell out launches and gigs the labels members stayed underground until they won a competition on AKA music channel Sky TV, featured in the newspaper and received radio airplay, this resulted in a shift into more commercial music another featured music video, iTunes sales and a string of gigs and school tours.
Trademark continues to create new exciting music whilst Lee Willz writes all his own lyrics and explores his talent adding singing amongst his raps.
Band members Billy Stookes, Peter Hutchinson, Phil Donnelly and Chris Brice has joined forces with Lee Willz and Trademark to create 'The Cool Sound House Band'.
After taking Ibiza by storm with a groundbreaking Pukka Up Boat Party Performance and the making of a super quality fun video- the fan base just keeps increasing.
Their following continues to grow through self-promotion and the duo and record label are looking forward to a long career in music.


Against Your Willz

Written By: Lee Willz + Trademark

'cos with this right here its against your willz'
Underground overground im somewhere in the middle, 'cos I can make commercial hits but kill it on a grimey rythm, call me the inbetweener but I aint talking car friend, yeah I got a briefcase its got flows and bars in it

Friday Night

Written By: Lee Willz + Trademark

'I've been working hard all week so im hitting town tonight, i dont care who the first rounds on, i just wanna enjoy my night, are you feeling me? Its Friday Night. Tomorrows a new day so for now its party time'


2009 saw the release of the record labels first album and launch 'this is cool sounds' an 8 track EP.
2010 saw the release of all the artists collaberating in 'Fashionably Late' featuring Lee Willz and Danny Who's 'Friday Night' Track on AKA music channel and received airplay including Australias Kiss FM.
This year 2011 'Against Your Willz' by Lee Willz and Trademark got its long awaited hyped release featuring a professional music video from tinie tempahs 'Pass Out' Video makers. The song has had airplay and is set for its television release next month.
2011 Mixtape 'Boy Meets World'

Set List

Drum Kit, Snares, symbols
Guitar, bass, amps
2 microphones
PA system