Lee Winright

Lee Winright

 Medina, Texas, USA

Great songs, great show, great band! Also great solo acoustic act.


Lee has been a musician since he was nine and been in the music business since he was eighteen when he went to work as Robert Earl Keen's road manager."For the next four and a half I traveled around the country. Robert taught me everything I know about songwriting and the music business." He says Robert Earl Keen, Lubbock songwriter Terry Allen and Bob Dylan are some of his greatest influences.
Lee has worked for the Dixie Chicks, Jack Ingram, Bruce Robison,,Kelly Willis, Robin Ludwick, Billy Joe Shaver, and most recently for Charlie Robison. "The entire time I was around all these great songwriters and story tellers I was listening and learning."
Lee has opened show for Cowboy Mouth,Charlie Robison, Jack Ingram, Bruce Robison ,McKay Brothers, Stoney LaRue, Mike Hotsy. Lee Is presently working on his second record.



Written By: Lee Winright

Words and music by
Lee Winright
Her daddy’s eyes were on fire
Her mamma’s words came true
When I had to leave her
For Timbuktu

I left while she was sleeping
In her beautiful dreams
I did not want to disturb
The way things might seem
I know I did you wrong
That is the truth, but I had to answer the call
In Timbuktu

I wish could say things turned out
Like I said they would
But I know you would never believe
A lie that good
I’m out here fighting the good fight
I’m one of the few
Its eye for an eye in Timbuktu

I saw somebody you knew
Who recognized me
And filled me in on the details of
What you came to be
He said he never sees you cry
Like you use to
I guess that why it’s raining now
In Timbuktu

Well my name made the paper
I got me a couple of gigs
And I know you would never
Give a damn about this
I’ll be playing close to your town
I’ll be done about two
I’ll look for you in the crowd
In Timbuktu

Her daddy’s eyes were on fire
Her mamma’s words came true
When I had to leave her
For Timbuktu


1 CD released- "Nobody Saw It Coming"
Radio play- Rodio Free Texas
94.3 Kerrville TX

Set List

My Songs-
You Never Cared
Saturday Night
Fair Thee Well
Brooklyn Michigan
Loaded Deck
Eight Pains
Cherry Lane
Nobody Saw It Coming
Covers-Rolling Stones
Bob Dylan, CCR,Neil Young, etc