Left Astray

Left Astray


We're a pop rock/punk band with an edge to it. We have a very wide range of influences ranging from Anti Flag to 80's hardcore punk.


We're from Shermansdale, PA and we started in February of 2009. We started off as a metal/hardcore band, but then changed our style to pop/rock/punk. We recently finished our 1st full length CD with 10 songs on it. We have a very different sound from other bands. Some of our songs deal with politics, relationships, and partying. We play anything from pop a little punk and metal. But we're mostly we play rock music. We're trying to make a name for ourselves with our music as well.


Moving On
Anatomy of a Dead Man
Role Playing

Set List

We usually play 7-8 songs at our shows ranging from 20-25 minutes.