L Grigoriou, Stoyan Yankoulov & the Global Daoulia

L Grigoriou, Stoyan Yankoulov & the Global Daoulia

 Athens, Attica, GRC

A tapan ensemble with bagpipes playing traditional and groovy music.


Lefteris Grigoriou was born in Athens in 1962. First he studied Music in Greece and then in Paris, at the Concervatoire National Superieur de Musique. At the same time, he focused on traditional Greek percussion and bagpipe by travelling in Greece and around the world. He has participated in many albums and has collaborated with many artists such as: Psarantonis, Farouk Tekbilek, Ross Daly, Chainides, F. Pliatsikas, Moussa Oulare, Taffa Cisse, Cheich Mboup, Serafin Zekoua, Pierre Caillou, etc. With his own group “Taki Street Percussion” he has participated in many festivals and published the so named album in 2010.


The group has not published any record yet.