Left Foot Yellow

Left Foot Yellow

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

A three piece hard/alternative rock trio from Toronto, Canada. The bass and drums make up the core, a solid rock backbone and the guitarist's unique playing style and approach along with psychedelic effects and passages create a spice and original sound the cannot be found anywhere else.


Hard/Alternative Rock

LFY asks you a question. Is cheating right or wrong? Most would say it’s wrong, however, it’s a complicated answer. if you realize that you could have a much better life and future with the “other person”, wouldn’t you be foolish not to act on it? The opportunity might only come along once in a lifetime.

Such is the story of Left Foot Yellow.

Jamie Johnston (Guitar) and Shane Kippel (Drums) were part of a band that was falling apart. The chemistry and excitement was gone. The practices were heavy and forced. The music was lacking, and the band mates were fighting on a daily basis. Yet us unhappy as they were, they remained in the band.

During a lengthy band hiatus, Shane and Jamie were the only members with free time, and were aching to play. But they needed a bassist. So Shane called up his best friend and long time musician Arash Tanzadeh (bass), told him to grab his bass, and come jam with them. And he did. They were “cheating” on their band.

And the result? Chemistry and creativity beyond anything the three could have imagined. As an instrumental three-piece, they came up with three full-length songs in four jam sessions. And these songs were good. Really good.
It became crystal clear to all of them. They had found what they were looking for. A once in a lifetime band. The chemistry and creativity was undeniable, the practices were light and fun, they were playing exactly the type of music they wanted to and they got along like brothers. It was like they had been playing together and hanging out for years.

After carrying on with both bands for a few months, Jamie and Shane agreed that it was time to leave the “wife” for the “mistress” and they left the other band, never looking back.

Cheating was the right move.

As Left Foot Yellow, these three were lucky enough to develop a sound that is both original and listener-friendly. The bass and drums lock in extremely well as the core; simple at times, complex at others. And the guitarist’s unique style and use of effects give the band an alternative and psychedelic edge that make them original and unique. There’s nobody else quite like them. Their major influences are Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Deftones, Modest Mouse, Tool, and Rage Against the Machine, but sound nothing like any of them.

When working in the studio, the whole band records at once, live-off-the-floor, to lock in with each other that much more and capture the energy and feel of a live performance. And they don’t add anything to the mixes to fill out the sound. The settings are adjusted and then it’s all performance after that. This is their approach. It’s as raw and natural as can be. And it shows when they reproduce every nuance of their music live in concert. Three different players, three different on-stage personalities. These guys put on a great show, with a ton of energy and extra attention paid to engaging the audience, making it a memorable experience for them.

These guys are through and through a solid rock band. They're hardworking, professional, talented, and in it for the long haul.
Check them out, you won’t regret it.


Toast & Jam, 1st full-length album,
Featuring The Journey, Getaway, and Shake and Bake
Released Aug. 2011