Left Hook Right Hand

Left Hook Right Hand

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the Hottest hip -hop lyrical music around


We have been rapping for at least 25 years , and we are better than ever. We have appeared on two of REDMANS albums entitled "Docs Da Name " and "Malpractice" in those album credits we are known as "Double-O " . What makes us a cut above the rest is that we can actually produce hits ! Every day our fans ask us ,"Why arent you guys signed yet "?


Our first EP was released in 1996 under our first group name which was The Brown Hornet and The Stinga entitled "Long Overdue ". Our second album was released in 2000 under our new group name which we currently still use ,"Left Hook Right Hand " entitled "Still shining " and our latest album is entitled "Our Name ring Bells"

Set List

We can do as many sets as you need us to do . we usually do at least 10 -20 minute sets . Short and sweet. But we would love to do more if asked