Left Of Normal

Left Of Normal


Hailing from Northern California, Left of Normal has been privy to every phase and evolution of the music scene over the past 40 years. From the 60's hippie scene, to the 70's classic rock scene, to the 80's metal scene, to the 90's grunge scene, to today's hardcore scene; Why get rid of any of it?


left of nor-mal (left ov nôr'mel) Slang
1. Strange, abnormal.
2. Crazed, or mentally incapacitated.

A group of highly exceptional musicians, Left of Normal is bent on discovering what lies on the fringe of their collective imagination. From it's inception the bands prime focus has always been a deliberate avoidance of the conventional; both musically and in their performance. Their drive is to create what has yet to be heard, felt, received.

The groups core members all have distinctly brilliant styles that serve to showcase their individual talents, but also accentuate the others brilliance. Roman Cirini ravishes his guitar, and draws out his tones as a poet would his words. Ben Michael rounds out the groups sound w/ a gritty edge & schizophrenic tonality. As for [J]enius, one of LONs female fans has said, "His voice emanates like a warm summer breeze with words that strike like an ice storm." His charismatic and shamanistic stage presence inspires and captivates, one has to see it to believe it. Together they form what can only be described as art at it's finest.

In 2004 the groups prerelease of their first full-length record, "The Art of War" received international acclaim for the single "In©herent". Discontent to rest on their laurels they quickly began remixing the tracks preparing for its official US release. They are currently touring & working w/ producer Jeff Fogerty crafting their latest recording.


"Demo 2006"

Track Listing:
01. No Throne(The King of Modesty)
02. The Reckoning
03. Vulgar
04. Horrorshow

"The Art of War"

Track Listing:
01. A Nation of Finks
02. Fashionable Bore
03. RSVP
04. Like Clockwork
05. In©herent
06. Sex Appeal
07. End of Alice
08. Whitey
09. "Subliminable"
10. Death-trip Disco

"The Comedy of Hate"

Track Listing:
01. Like Clockwork
02. Fashionable Bore
03. In©herent

"Kill Your Instrument"

Track Listing:
01. Death-trip Disco
02. Mau Mau
03. Subliminable
04. Like Clockwork

Set List

A typical set would include the following:

1. The Reckoning
2. Vulgar
3. No Throne(The King of Modesty)
4. Like Clockwork
5. Sex Appeal
6. The Reckoning
7. Death-trip Disco
8. Whitey

Cover songs are also typically played, and the songs are completely dependant upon the crowd and time available. Cover songs played in the past include the following:

White Rabbit-Jefferson Airplane
Simple Man-Lynyrd Skynyrd
Five to one-The Doors
Search and Destroy-Iggy and the Stooges
I Wanna Be your Dog-Iggy and the Stooges
Reigning Blood-Slayer
Seasons of the Abyss-Slayer
Loco-Coal Chamber
Come to Daddy-Aphex Twin
and much more....