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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Left of the Sun Live at Stones Place"

Review: June 14th, 2006

Left of the Sun Live at Stones Place
By Farren Whittaker

We all know it when we see it; it’s in a stare, in a wink, in the way a musician takes their little moment in the spotlight and rolls their eyes into their head, seeming to forget all inhibitions and letting the sound soak in. The roots of true independent music lie somewhere within that moment and for most fans a truly great band is one you simply can’t turn away from. At the Stones Place in Toronto’s Queen-West area on a muggy June night, Left of the Sun introduced themselves to a captive and enthusiastic crowd and made quite an impression…

In a sea of cookie cutter pop-punk bands looking to piggy-back on the success of a trendy new sub-rock genre; it’s becoming harder and harder to find THAT band.
Label A&R spend much of their time searching for bands with new sounds and new stylistic approaches, its all new new new.

Left of the sun should be playing in front of thousands of people, they should be touring and they should be cashing in on the appeal of their haunting rock-sexy lead, Diana DiGiovanni but as of yet they are comfortable to be moving along at their own pace.

True to all the things people love about a live show, it’s hard even turning away from the voice long enough to order a pint once the set begins. Regardless of gender, people are entranced by tracks like “his hotel room” and “joey” (not the four non-blonds song) songs that bleed emotion and give the feeling that every song is, in some way explaining the feelings we’ve all had for a person somewhere along the line. The crowd simply stands in awe as each member makes their mark at some point in the half hour set, furthering the fact that this band is, in no way your average jam band.

They are free of all the clichés that make so many bands a joke and Left of the Sun is going to make you feel good about music again. A band that will give the quality-starved genre of modern rock and roll a renewed hope that great things can still come out of the Canadian independent music scene.

Diana DiGiovanni, a truly gifted vocalist and talented musician is as modest and soft spoken as they come and with all the right things in all the right places she and her band of loyal followers will, with a little luck make the world a better place, if only giving us a great night out.
- Farren Whittaker


Stars Hide Fire-EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


Do musicians who put ads in the classified ever have anything come out of it? It worked for Left of the Sun. Sure, they may not have grown up together, but Left of the Sun came together under the love of great Rock & Roll music. Despite the struggles of line-up changes, these four musicians successfully migrated to Toronto to follow a dream. Their chemistry is comfortably confident as soon as they hit the stage, led by their kinetic front-woman. Left of the Sun makes rock that sounds classic, from heartbreaking ballads to Human Rights issues.
Left of the Sun will be playing around Toronto supporting their latest EP, Stars Hide Fire. Check them out on www.myspace.com/leftofthesun.