Left Out

Left Out


Left Out will knock you back on the seat of your pants, and ask where you'd like it next. Even with a few not-so-subtle reminders of such great rock groups as Nirvana, ZZ Top, Hendrix, and more, LEFT OUT still manage to create their own twisted world.


OK, so what's a POWERHOUSE hard rock trio doing, forming in Austin, Texas? Busting down some doors, that's what!

Brandon Faulds and Ron Zilkha starting playing music together when they were almost babies, at the tender age of 12. They kicked around in a couple of bands, but not much was going on. In 1999, they found Marc Nobles.

Marc had been playing guitar and writing songs for a few years, but hadn't been able to find the right guys to make things happen. But from their very first practice, they all knew something special had come together!

LEFT OUT have been playing shows all over Texas ever since 1999, and in September, they headed across the water to record their first full-length album at the legendary Compass Point Studios in The Bahamas. Terry Manning, whose experience includes working with ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Widespread Panic, and many other landmark artists, produced and recorded the album, aptly named DISTORTION.

In late 2007, LEFT OUT was placed on the 2008 Grammy Ballot, for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Rock Performance By A Duo or Group with Vocals, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Album.

This is not your father's Austin music! And it's not your Mother's anything!


Hiri Kiri

Written By: Nobles

hiri kiri calamari cut with a spoon
I don’t need no car just auto parts
part of me is warm and part is numb
kool-aid and pumas and little blue shoes
toothpaste first place man on the moon
stupid and guilty I would assume
part of me is dumb and part is wrong
you be the trigger and I’ll be the gun

Lost In A Cause

Written By: Nobles

I am lost in a cause so never mind
hanging on to what’s left with these tentacles
I will go through it all until it all is gone
breaking more than I fix and I don’t mind
am I crazy
already gone completely
try to take what’s left of me
whatever you want I can’t let it be
I am off alone with half a mind
to get away from these things I can never find
when the sun comes up I’ll shoot it down
can’t wait for the world I want the night
put it on
it really makes you look good
it really makes you look gone


Little Blue Shoes (2003)
Distortion (2006)

Set List

We don't do covers.

Our set list changes all the time. There is typically at least one song we call "New One" because we just came up with it at sound check.

We have hours of original material.