left outlet

left outlet


Genre bending audio/visual industrial avante garde candy.


Left Outlet is a modern day rock band that taps into the best elements of glam and psychedelic rock 'n roll every time they mount the stage. Left Outlet approaches each performance as an opportunity to provide the audience with a stimulating and energizing multi-sensory experience. Left Outlet never fails to impress an audience with outrageous outfits, over-the-top stage performances and visual fireworks. At Left Outlet shows, fans have come to expect bombastic rock 'n roll accompanied by plays of passion, energy and charisma.


Rotating songs on myspace.com available at www.myspace.com/leftoutlet

Set List

The Artist
2 A.M.
The One On The Right
The Whole
At Work
For Robert
I Give In To You
Call Me The Moon
Inner Child
A Fine Line
Bring You Down
It's Kinda My Anthem

We have 2hrs of material if need be.