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"Smartbomb Review"

Infusing elements of industrial, metal, punk, and drum & bass, this Vancouver sextet unleash their iPunk assault with a debut EP that will surely cause some bruises in the mosh pit and find its way into many a DJ's set list.
Vancouver, Canada is certainly a hot spot for music, as the hometown of such renowned acts as Bryan Adams, Sarah McLachlan, and KD Lang. It is also the breeding ground for two of the industrial scenes greatest luminaries: Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly. It should then come as no surprise that Left Spine Down also hail from this city, for with the release of their debut EP, Smartbomb, they are poised to become a new revolutionary force in modern music. This varied group of musical misfits creates an equally varied mix of industrial, metal, drum & bass, and punk with a digital edge, culminating in what could be a new breed of underground music, dubbed iPunk by the band. One need only listen to the opening track from Smartbomb, "Last Daze," which kicks into high gear with gritty guitars chugging away overtop a blistering drumbeat that will certainly please the punk and thrash metal crowds. Augmented by some excellent synth effects, the song is a rather straightforward affair that preps the listener for the band's real power. Some frenetic drum & bass beats permeate throughout "Reset" and "Hang Up," keeping the energy on high while maintaining the hard rock elements that made "Last Daze" such a forceful opener. These songs are sure to cause some bruises in the mosh pit, yet they could easily fit into any DJ's drum & bass set list, similar to Pitchshifter's mid '90s output. "Ready or Not" reverts back to a more metallic approach, but in constant with the previous tracks has plenty of electronic tweaking and effects to make the song one for the rivetheads to be proud of. Closing things out is "Policy of Hypocrisy," which is only included in review copies of Smartbomb, but is worthy of mention for its thrashing beats and frantic synth leads. With Chris Peterson of Front Line Assembly producing, it should come as no surprise that Left Spine Down's sound on the Smartbomb EP is as crisp and as clean as it is mean and raw. The EP has a polished sheen that manages to not clash with the band's punk-laden energy, and despite the heavy amount of electronics, Left Spine Down attacks the listener with all the fervor of any raucous rock & roll band. All in all, Smartbomb is a great primer for the searing full-length release that is sure to follow. - ReGen Magazine

"Left Spine Down > .smartbomb"

I honestly haven't been following this act, so I had no idea what to expect when I was sent the CD. I greatly enjoyed the fun artwork and packaging, which was so full of nice attention to detail that it would easily become a coffee-table conversation piece for kids enjoying LSD together. Much like the band's sound itself, which falls directly in the middle of a variety of different styles simultaneously, all of them revved up to full energy. That is namely the punk spirit of Left Spine Down that brazenly mixes high speed drum&bass beats with heavy guitars.

1: Last Daze
The MySpace song. The most punk chorus you've heard in a long time. They do a good job of making a synth line that is reminiscent of the squealing punk guitar lines of old times.
2: Reset
Impressive clockwork-like structure of quirky beats that would fit easily on either a psy-trance or drum&bass album. That's when the heavy guitar throbs kick in. The vocals are held long and layered over each other so that they can start again before the previous scream ends, creating a seemingly infinite loop.
3: Hang Up
The song starts of with an introductory drum & bassline reminiscent of Dryft then drops the beat out for the obligatory d&b deep synth bassline introduction. What makes this song different? When the drums kick back in, it is no longer the synth that is making the drone but rather CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA GUITARS! There are plenty of intricate details and changes to the drum&bass rhythm to keep this song interesting right up through the new vocal melody added near the end.
4: Ready or Not
Power overload. Layered drums and guitars all rumbling over each other with echoes for added ominous spacious effect. The drums and guitars become a blur because of their intensity and speed. Also includes a drum&bass break with echoing vocals. I'm honestly not sure I was ready, but apparently it doesn't matter to them. They came to rock.

A lot of attention is paid to making the different styles and instruments work well in a synthesis with each other on this album. It is definitely well-executed. I give it a thumbs-up. - Mindphaser

"Left Spine Down - Smartbomb (Mcd Synthetic)"

While awaiting the official debut-cd of this Canadian band, "Smartbomb" has been meant to be a harsh appetizer. Jeremy Inkel and Jared Slingerland, both having been active of Frontline Assembly are the most famous members of this band while Chris Peterson has produced LSD. Well, don't expect a kind of FLA-clone as this band is much harder in style and without comparing them to Ministry, there're for sure some similarities. The harsh and merciless cyber-punk sound built up with furious rhythms and loud guitar parts is simply devastating. The tracks "Last daze" and especially "Reset" will show you some samples of LSD powerful potential. It all sounds a bit like punk has been reinvented… listening to the offspring of Dead Kennedy's and Ministry. A pure sonic torture! www.leftspinedown.ca (DP:6/7)DP. - Side-Line


Smartbomb EP
Fighting for Voltage LP




www.leftspinedown.com & www.myspace.com/leftspinedown

“Featuring Jeremy Inkel of Front Line Assembly & Noise Unit and Denyss McKnight previously of The Black Halos.”

About Left Spine Down:

Based in Vancouver, Canada, LEFT SPINE DOWN (also known by the acronym LSD) plays a brand of music called Cyberpunk that fuses the sounds of Industrial, Metal, Punk and Electronica.

The band features Jeremy Inkel of Industrial music legends FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY & NOISE UNIT and also Denyss McKnight the former bass player of Vancouver punk heavyweights THE BLACK HALOS. The band has no shortage of firepower both on stage and in the studio.

The band self released their first album entitled the SMARTBOMB EP in June 2007, and it was met with a frenzied reception from fans and critics worldwide. The EP was produced by FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY/NOISE UNIT/UNIT 187’s CHRIS PETERSON.

Their full length release FIGHTING FOR VOLTAGE saw the band combining efforts with mastering giant SHAUN THINGVOLD (SKINNY PUPPY/STRAPPING YOUNG LAD/LAMB OF GOD/K-OS) and again with CHRIS PETERSON. The album was released in Canada on April 22, 2008 by Canadian label SYNTHETIC SOUNDS, distributed across Canada by Indie Pool and is set for release on September 23rd 2008 in the USA by BIT RIOT RECORDS/WTII RECORDS.

The band has been very active in the Vancouver live music scene over the last few years sharing the stage with The Birthday Massacre, Combichrist, DOA, Genitorturers, SNFU, 16Volt, Rabbit Junk and Chemlab to name a few. Recently they have expanded their audience with several Canadian tours which have taken them to Montreal and back. They were also asked to perform at this years’ New Music West (NMW) festival in Vancouver.

With a Fall 2008 Tour taking the boys all across North America with over 40 dates and hitting the USA for their first time…things are sure to heat up and the message will continue being spread to the masses.

Visit the band’s official site for Merch, Links and lots more >> www.leftspinedown.com

For Canadian+Worldwide booking or ANY additional requests contact band manager; Mark Sommer at Synthetic Entertainment >> vonsommer@gmail.com

For USA booking requests contact the bands USA Booking Agent; Dan Rozenblum at Thunderdome Touring >> dan@thunderdometouring.com

For USA Media or Promo requests please contact Bit Riot Records at >> info@bitriotrecords.com