Lefty Groove

Lefty Groove


Every show masterfully melds elements of good 'ole rock & roll, funk, latin, reggae & house music. A balanced mix of cover songs & originals provides familiarity and exploration while remaining tight & cohesive.


While playing in various formations for well over 5 years, Lefty Groove prides itself on its eclectic nature while retaining a distinctive sound. By mixing elements of Rock, Funk and Jazz the Groove is always striving to keep the crowd up and dancing, and having a good time.

Set List

Lefty Groove has about a dozen originals that showcase the many styles the band can tackle. The feel of a show will depend on the atmosphere it is played in. If playing in a dive bar, the band may not stray from bluesy rock songs with cooking solos. If in a very open minded environment, the band may slide from song to song with broad transitions and intricate interplay. Cover songs, while done in a way making it their own, pay respect to all the bands that that influence them. Artists such as Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, James Brown, Creedence Clearwater Revival & the Grateful Dead are all artists in regular rotation in a Lefty Groove set list.