Lefty McRighty and the Boxcar Cadavers
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Lefty McRighty and the Boxcar Cadavers

Band Country Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"A fine album (5/5)"

Some may sneer at at the inclusion of jokey tunes like Big Nipples, and grumble about "authenticity" and suchlike, but look at it this way: Johnny Cash never shot a man in Reno, but Lefty might actually be a boob man. You can't get more authentic than that ...

http://www.natcaprock.blogspot.com - Andrew Carver

"Riff-heavy country-rock with style (4/5)"

The Ottawa country trio’s debut falls somewhere between the offerings of the alt-dot elite and those coming from the twangy tribesfolk. Lefty and his bandmates Reverend Boxcar Baloney Lonesome and Cassandra Cadaver are muscular players. Songs like Big Nipples, Rollin’ and Hepatitis Blues move through the abs and delts of a riff-heavy country-rock tune with style. While their music penetrates the cool crust of nu-country, there are one too many genital jokes and musings on the trials of trying to get laid. Though you can’t really knock the band for it; alt-country is way too heavy anyway. - Fateema Sayani, The Ottawa Citizen

"The bastard love children of David Allen Coe (5/5)"

The bastard love children of David Allen Coe and heaped with the Johnny Cash/Merle Haggard/Waylon Jennings triple topping deluxe sundae mixture…this Ottawa band keeps it simple and actually recorded this album in the same room at the same time (who the f*ck does that these days?) Approaching country/rockabilly from more of a Tennessee Two vs last call perspective. They sound like a Legion party band from the mid-seventies…one raised on Stompin’ Tom and who may have a few Ramones 8-tracks in their Chevy Malibu. Standout tracks include Help Me See The Light and the Commander Cody-like Spare An Extra Liver! - Boy Howdy, The Nerve Magazine

"The real bastard sons of Johnny Cash!!! (5/5)"

Really great album for real country music fans.....and others!!! A incredible mix between Cash, songwriters from Texas and...punk. Don't miss it folks, it's only one of the best album of this year, and it comes from Canada!!! - Alain Joris, Radio Columbia 106.9fm, Belgium



Since its release, the album has been:

-featured as Album of the Week (Nov 2) on Country Club, Radio Columbia 106.9fm, in Roselies, Belgium
-charting regularly in the top 30 at CKCU (Ottawa ON)
-charting regularly in Folk and Roots top 10 at CJSR (Edmonton AB) and CKXU (Lethbridge AB)


Feeling a bit camera shy


June 23rd 2006 marked the release date of the debut independent album from Ottawa’s Lefty McRighty and the Boxcar Cadavers. This album captures the acoustically pure “let’s-record-everything-in-the-same-room-at-the-same-time” honesty of early 1950’s rockabilly and country music, and balances this sound with the hard-hitting punk-rock energy of a Lefty McRighty and the Boxcar Cadavers live show.

The end product is a one-of-a-kind sound experience, inspired by the original cow-punks, Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three. Lefty McRighty and the Boxcar Cadavers bring a new level of energy to the Tennessee Three concept of “beauty in simplicity”, adding a healthy dose of punk and metal, all the while staying true to the roots of old-time Elvis and Johnny Cash recordings.

The band has played in every major music club in their hometown of Ottawa (including Barrymore's, Zaphod's and the Dominion Tavern), Barfly, Playhouse, Cafe Chaos and L'Escogriffe in Montreal, as well as Cadillac Lounge and the Cameron House in Toronto. Touring plans for 2007 include trips to the left coast, the right coast, the north coast and the US.

Onstage, Lefty McRighty and the Boxcar Cadavers deliver the twang and bebop of 1950's rockabilly and country, with the 1-2-3-4 punch of 1970's punk and the intensity of 2 guys and a gal who just chugged their beers and want to have as much fun as humanly possible. With more tattoos than guitar strings, Lefty McRighty and the Boxcar Cadavers are a sight to behold, and a musical experience like no other.