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As the music released today seems to sound quite monotonous, Lefty Rosenthal (Lefty Rose) comes across as a breath of fresh air to fans of authentic true school Hiphop. From Calvada, (what he fondly calls his home of California and Nevada) Lefty takes his listeners back to the Golden Age of Hiphop with his clever word play, smooth voice and insightful lyrics. His lyrical delivery is laid back and comes across as effortless as a mere conversation. Those clever words and effortless delivery are accompanied by the mesmerizing sound of his producers, Bay Root Productions; a five man production team who supply the majority of Lefty's production. These melodic instrumentals provide the inspiration behind Lefty's lyrics which range from energetic to political to introspective tales of his own life and upbringing.

Lefty Rose (then known as Kaution) emerged on the Sacramento Underground Hiphop scene in early 2001 after honing his skills for years while attending high school in Reno, Nevada and later on making trips out to Seattle, Washington to record his first work with Bay Root. Lefty created a buzz around his name by competing in local battles in which he did extrememly well. This drew the attention of The CUF; a well respected Sacramento Hiphop group who took Lefty under their collective wing and helped him start his musical career. Lefty Rose has established an independent record label, Calvada Sound Company. The label has released 11 projects since it's creation in 2001. His debut album, The Collection Vol. 1 was rated 5 out of 5 by www.anomie1.com upon release in November 2003. In 2005 Lefty was nominated for Best Hiphop Artist in the Sacramento area music awards (Sammies). Rose also releases mixtape projects regularly and is known as the "Sacramento King of Mixtapes" for his consistency on this front. His self-driven approach has seen the music he creates spread throughout the west coast, move east and touch foreign soil in places such as Canada, Germany, Costa Rica, Columbia and Australia.
An accomplished writer even outside the realm of Hiphop, Lefty Rose continues to push forward finding new ways to challenge himself. Not only as an artist, but as the CEO of a record label. Attention is now being focused on developing and expanding the Calvada Sound brand in various ways. From his beginnings in the San Francisco Bay Area to Reno and now Sacramento, Lefty Rosenthal has taken these experiences and molded them into the music he creates today. It is a sound that is distinctive and uniquely his very own.

Written by Ja'Mar Walker


The Preview EP - 2002
The Collection Vol. 1 - 2003
The Collection Vol. 2 - 2006
The Power Of The Great - 2007

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