BandHip Hop

Picture if you will, Jay-Z, Nas & B.I.G. forming a group. Not that we sound like any of em but you get the idea behind "Established Money". Established sine 1996 in the hallways of August Martin H.s. in South Jamaica Queens.


Our music would fall into the hip Hop/rap Genre. Influenced by arists and musicians of all genres. But more specifically, we came up listening to Mobb Deep, Kool g Rap. B.I.G and other cats from that era. Snoop, Pac, and the list goes on. What sets us apart for one is our longevity. The ability to persevere all these years. But more imprtantly, you can try but you cant compare us to anything/one thats out. You never heard this before, the flows, beats, lyrical content. We strive to impact the game in a positive way. Street would best desribe this super group. As far as history, I'll save that for the album. We are the voices of that dude who graduated college and cant gat a job, or the young lady who has to raise lil man by her self. We represent those who took the wrong route and got penalized by the system. Thats who we are.


Currently we have been buzzing the cement with Established Money Mixtape Vol. OneYoSelf and more recently "The HerbGate". Deacon Leg & Fase Fax did a collaboration w/ upcoming Houston superstar Alias "J". Currently the song "Why U madd" is getting radio spins and mixtape love out there. Shout out DJ Kamikaze.

Set List

We are prepared to perform 20 min. sets. Longer if necessary. We will be performing "Guttaration", "2step", "Bring it BacK", "Big Tings" & others if possible.