Buffalo, New York, USA
SoloHip Hop

Legacy is a Hip-Hop artist who fuses his own brand of music with the timeless truth and personal stories. Each performance is full of energy, passion, and his real life stories through the Hip-Hop genre. He is a DJ, Emcee, Producer and visionary for the Hip-Hop culture.


Legacy is a multi-talented artist who fuses Hip-Hop music with the message of hope and restoration he has personally experienced. He is dedicated to quality  music and has been making music since his days as a DJ and radio announcer beginning 1994. A native of Buffalo, New York, he moved to Tampa at 14 yrs of age. He was exposed to Hip-Hop and DJ-ing in his younger years. During his time in High School he found his way into the drug culture and party scene and began to fail in his classes. While his life seemed aimless internally he was actually working his dream job in radio. Living his desire to become a DJ and Producer, he was seemingly headed towards a bright future - until everything changed. In May of 1995 serious reflection on his life's path occurred - Legacy became a follower of Christ and began to use his radio and DJ skills to reflect that life-change. His music speaks of his personal struggle with drugs, domestic turmoil, fun and everyday life in his Christian faith. His music is Rust-Belt grimey but the sound is as southern as a bowl of gumbo. Musically he draws from an eccletic array of styles such as, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Blues and early Hip-Hop.

Over the last few years Legacy has emerged on the scene as a unique sounding producer / artist, whose style and show is refreshing and uplifiting. Solid in the Faith, honoring Christ while paying respect to Hip-Hop culture and Elements - Be sure to bring Legacy to your next event!!


GREEN LIGHT EP - 2002; GREEN LIGHT ALBUM 2004; Strictly Busienss EP - 2006; LEGACY (SELF-TITLED) 2007; GREEN LEGS AND SPAM - 2011

Set List

Green Light, Are We There Yet, Livin Proof, City On A Hill, Strictly Business, Press On. Occassional free-style showcase of Dj and Production Skills using Akai MPC 2500.