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The best kept secret in music




Old school Metal maniacs surely knows a band with the same name, but "Stand And Conquer" is the new album from a band coming out of Dayton, Ohio and has absolutely nothing to do with the other. The band we're talking about here is more than just a regular Power Metal band. Nowadays, there are so many Metal bands who plays Power Metal, but several bands doesn't interest me so much. My point of view is that some of the Euro Power Metal bands are missing the pure Metal spirit to create own, original songs to release a decent and joyful album. It's a personal meaning but while listening to American bands i hear more originality, passion and power. Check out bands like Steel Prophet, Seven Witches,Vain Glory, Syris, Reign Of Terror, Ravensthorn,...The difference between Euro and US Metal is huge to me. Legacy is a four piece band into the Metal movement since 1999 and "StandAnd Conquer" is their second album after a debut CD called "Slay TheBeast" released in 2000. Worth to mention is that they have a very talented guitar player in their ranks. Name of the six string magician is Darin Moore and beside relasing two albums with Legacy, he's the owner of a guitar instructional video. As for the rest of the band, well they're good, real good! Momently, some progressive feelings are markable but most of the time it's pure US Metal with style. First songs on the album "Free To Fly" is a killer one with heavy riffs / solo's and awesome vocals. More highlighted tracks are "Sky Will Burn" and the more progressive influenced "You Can't Hide" and "Say Your Last Goodbye". Last two songs on the CD are fantastic instrumentals with breaks and solo's hard to believe. Fabulous artwork, very well production / sound and the most important element of all, outstanding US Metal played by four Metal brothers named Legacy, a band who Stands And Conquer for sure! MY POINTS : 90 / 100


By Tim Carroll

I've always been a huge fan of Ohio-metal. And why not? Ohio bands have featured some of the world's best guitarists, and a few of my personal favorites - Chastain - David T. Chastain, Arch Rival - Michael Harris, Magnitude 9 - Rob Johnson. Now added to the list is Dayton-based Legacy (no relation to Testament) and their own monster shredder Darin Moore.

Although the title of the band's second release is Stand And Conquer, don't think that Legacy is strictly an epic, sword-n-steel type power metal band. Actually, the title track is the only tune that might fit that description. In fact there's quite a few different styles on this one and Legacy pulls them all off beautifully. SAC is a complete metal album with straight forward heavy hitters like Free To Fly, and Sky Will Burn; the dark and powerful Sold Your Soul and Killing Youself To live; and some progressive tracks like You Can't Hide and Say Your Last Goodbye - which has a bluesy groove to it. While I'm not usually one for sappy love songs, these guys even pull that off. I really got into the poetic ballad Without You (and my wife says I'm not romantic). The disc is capped off with a pair of smokin' instrumentals that really leave you wanting more. Everything on this disc has the same emotion, intensity and Midwestern edge that makes this a great listen from start to finish. With Moore's potent chops and the excellent mid-range vocals of Randy Allen, most of those reading this are gong to love these guys.

Some bands just have it. A great chemistry that gives everything they play a killer sound. An intangible quality that allows them to excel where others fail. Such is the case with Legacy. No frills, no bullshit, just killer metal. What more could you ask for?


Stand and Conquer
The first thing I want to say about this album is that you start listening, you can't notice something special, but when you listen it more and more (just listen the whole album and you will notice), eventually you will get addicted to their kind of music, the band Legacy uses Prog. (Progressive) Power Metal as their standard, and yes it's Prog. Power Metal, but it hasn't got those overdone high vocals, allright, it has clean vocals, but they're awesome, they are very nice to hear, and with a bit of strength!

I haven't noticed many negative points with this band, the only thing I noticed that they truly know what they're doing, and publish music with a lot of feeling, 'Stand and Conquer' is their first demo album, and with this album they will try to get a record deal (and i'm sure they will get one!).

This album just has it all, songs like 'Free to Fly' and 'Killing yourself to Live' truly resemble the power Legacy can put behind their music, also songs like 'Survival of the Fittest' and 'Battlecry/The Reckoning', are those songs which you could listen at any time, any day and as I'm listening this album for the 5th time in a row, and boredom still hasn't swept among me, I can say this is a must for every Power Metal fan!

This album starts with a very nice rythm, which is also the intro of the song 'Free to Fly', when this intro has ended, the guitars start kicking in, and you can feel the power they've implemented in their music, also when you hear the vocals, you will notice this band has something special to offer.

As this band has rushy and loud songs, it has also got (a) 'soft' and senstive song(s) this song is called 'Without You', if you're in this kind of situation, these lyrics will get you into some different mood, but in the overall view, this song is perfect! it has it all, the instrumentals are great, the lyrics, the vocals and so on!

Although I think I've made myself clear, and you should just try their samples, which you can download at this page! (you need Winamp to play these files)

I hope to hear more from these guys, they've got me into a new addiction!



“Stand And Conquer” is not the debut of the quartet, in 2000 they apparently already had a CD titled "Slay The Beast", which is completely unknown to me, though.

Musically the Americans claim to be Progressive Metal, which I cannot really follow here, because their sound is pure US Heavy Metal with some excursions into Melodic and Power Metal, so nothing with the uniformed sound that we get all too often from everywhere, even though those at times also sound really well, you take it, when the opportunity to get a band that differs comes up.

What strikes from the very beginning is the very good guitar work of Darin Moore, who doesn’t have to hide behind the string wizards of the aforementioned bands (David T. Chastain and Rob Johnson), quite the contrary, even without the two fiery closing instrumentals this becomes clear, without exaggerating his solos. Also worth mentioning is the very good melodic voice of fronter Randy Allen (relative of Russell Allen or what?), which fits perfectly and rounds off the LEGACY sound in the almost only valid way and at the same time also is nicely variable.

When I now say that “Stand And Conquer“ should bring every die hard fan of the US-Metal of the Eighties to tears of joy, some might see this as hopeless exaggeration, but once you listen to this CD, it will be clear to them right away. The compositions also have their breaks, so they are not simple, but always remain very accessible, even if there is a little more going on in a song, as for example the driving title track. “Free To Fly” opens up the CD in a very melodic manner, with great vocals, mid-paced, yet still driving, while “You Can’t Hide” reduces the tempo a bit, but at the same time inducing some more groove.

"Without You" is a very good, unsappy ballad, with clean guitars and emotional vocals, while Randy Allen’s voice reminds me a bit of Rob Lowe (SOLITUDE AETURNUS) on the last two tracks with vocals, "Say Your Last Goodbye" and "Killing Yourself To Live",and somehow these two songs also have a slight doomy touch, even though they are not slow, you have to hear them to understand what I mean, just trust me here, hehe.

For an independent release the production also is really good, just the snare drum at times has an a bit odd sound, might just be my ears, though. The cover could mislead some onto the sword & sorcery track, which is not the case, still looks good and in my opinion fits LEGACY as well.

Well, who feels attached to the American sound of the Eighties should definitely check out “Stand And Conquer“, they will never get really big with this sound, even less so on the States, but if you feel attracted, then give them their deserved chance and if you just find your curiosity tickled, do so by any means. (Online February 18, 2004)

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Legacy - Stand and Conquer
Independent Release

Legacy is an Ohio-based American powerful metal band. Stand and Conquer features lots of energetic and furious power metal in the school of quality HM like Vicious Rumors and Hades. In addition, their intensified power metal with intricacies and complex sections would appeal to the fans who like Archetype and Antithesis. Nowadays, melodic power metal and European type speed metal seem to dominate in the scene of metal world. On the other hand, we welcome the bands like Legacy are working hard to play insense metal music with the spirit of classic metal. Legacy states that they are progressive power metal band, however do not expect something like keyboard-oriented progressive power metal like European prog metal and some U.S. melodic prog power bands. Do not get overwhelmed or being misunderstood by the word progressive power metal. It depends on what you hear from their music, but I do not consider them in prog side. Rather I enjoyed their power metal energy and heavieness from Stand and Conquer. Stand and Conquer packs really heavy sound walls, intricate guitar playing and pounding rhythm sections. If you need to have heavy, power, intense, shred guitar solo, and speed in music, then Legacy's Stand and Conquer will provide something good for you. - HAMANAKA (JAPAN)


Stand And Conquer is the title of the latest CD from the Ohio-based, prog/power metal group Legacy. Featuring the blistering axe work of guitarist Darin Moore, the CD offers eight vocal numbers and two amazing instrumentals, "Survival Of The Fittest" and "Battlecry/The Reckoning". Moore combines mega-heavy, Hades-crushing guitar riffs, thrashing, progressive, heavy grooves and virtuosic, technically demanding solos that recall Michael Harris (one of his former instructors) and early Jason Becker. Randy Allen's vocals are also impressive, as this is one vocalist that can actually sing, not just growl, spit and scream like many pseudo-vocalists recording today. Rounding out this formidable foursome are Patrick Palmer on bass and Andy Hall on drums. Clearly this group has what it takes to make some noise in the metal genre - Stand And Conquer is an album that strikes with jagged precision. Heavy Metal/Shred, total running time, 46:39 - DAN MCAVINCHEY (US)


Darin Moore - Legacy - "Stand & Conquer"
Darin Moore and his power/prog band “Legacy” rip through all things metal on their new kick ass release Stand and Conquer. A full on metal-fest of hard-hitting compositions grace the tracks of this release. Legacy is a band that have combined the styling of 80’s metal masters with the virtuoso chops of each band members individual approach – an evolutionary combination that delivers a lethal power/prog punch that is outrageously intoxicating. Moore has assembled a group of very talented musicians, each of who brings a solid array of technical skill to all of the compositions featured on the CD. The line up includes:

Darrin Moore – Guitar / Randy Allen – Vocals
Patrick Palmer – Bass / Andy Hall - Drums

Stand and Conquer features a smoking collaboration of highly melodic compositions delivered with conviction and attitude. Vocalist Randy Allen is a refreshing respite from the scream and growl vocalists of today. Delivering powerful hard-edged vocal renderings that compliment the full power onslaught brought forward by Moore’s all out metallic shredding. The rhythm section of Palmer and Hall are as tight as they come hammering out superbly crafted grooves that are melodic yet massive in sonic delivery.

The CD kicks off with “Free To Fly” an up-tempo power metal number that reminds me of Jake E. Lee era Ozzy. Track two is the slamming rocker “You Can’t Hide”. This track features a signature Darin Moore riff that chugs along with precision and power. The entire band mix extremely well on this track delivering a pounding rhythm for Moore to solo over. Another highlight is the title track “Stand and Conquer” with its anthem like chorus and chant along driving vibe. A great arena rocker!

Moore finally steps out on the last two tracks of the CD – showcasing his technical virtuosity on the guitar to great effect. The all instrumental “Survival of the Fittest” and Battle Cry/The Reckoning are multi layered guitar extravaganzas in the styling of another great guitar master, Michael Harris. Moore delivers some wicked high-speed runs that utilize all things shred – sweep arpeggios, ultra fast pentatonics and bizarre string skipping/sliding scale patterns!

All tracks contained on the CD showcase Moore and company at the top of their game delivering well thought out arrangements that are powerful yet full of emotion and feeling. Allen has one of those smooth whiskey soaked voices that is well suited to Moore's precision, melodic, guitar heavy compositions. Melodic sensibilities abound and are showcased with an intertwining of sheer musical virtuosity from all musicians present.

Moore and company take us all to “Metal School” on Stand and Conquer – delivering an intense collection of melodic, full-on power/prog rockers, the likes of which we have not heard for about 15 years. This CD is the evolution of 80’s metal upgraded for the new millennium. This is one release well worth checking out!


I love the first song ‘Free to Fly’; the opening riff shifts from beauty to heavy chugging, and I really like this vocalist (Randy Allen). The guitar sound is great – somewhat distorted rather than crisp, but this fits well and I suspect it is deliberate. The drums are a bit shrill and trashy at times; the mix is good though, a nice rich bass sound (from Patrick Palmer) balances it out. ‘You Can’t Hide’ is another chugger – it opens less well, dragging slightly, the playing here could do with a bit more energy and tightness. Again though, the sound is good and the vocals have great tone to them.

The next song, also the title track, is back up to standard straight away, and here’s a good spot to listen to the technical prowess of guitarist Darin Moore (who has also released his own instructional video). A fast and furious power metal song which is definitely one to listen for. ‘Sky will Burn’ is another highlight, I’ll always have good things to say about a song which features a percussive entry, and the drumming of Andy Hall is in the spotlight here. ‘Sold Your Soul’ is a great one for vocals (which I’d like even better if they were brought forward in the mix more), probably Allen’s best performance, also featuring a catchy main riff and melody lines – certain parts of it remind me of the verse in Dream Theater’s ‘Lie’. The final two tracks, ‘Survival of the Fittest’ and ‘Battlecry/The Reckoning’ are both very well-written and played instrumentals to listen for. - GERMANY

"BW & BK ISSUE # 77"

Progressive power metal, " focusing on technical prowress and layered vocals." In fact guitarist Darin Moore has his own instructional video available ( ). The title track flourishes off a vigorous rumble. "Sky Will Burn" is another stand out track due to it's fiery might and closeness to Rust In Piece-era Megadeth. "Without You" stands out as an emotional, touching tune. Wrapping it up are two blistering instrumentals, "Survival Of The Fittest" and "Battlecry/The Reckoning", Legacy proves they are well-schooled and quite talented. - Aaron Small-Brave Underground



WXEG 103.9 ( Dayton, Ohio )


Feeling a bit camera shy


Sacred Society is a five piece metal powerhouse based out of Dayton, Ohio. Specializing in a blend of both melodic and power metal, Sacred Society combines layered vocals, shredding guitars, and a thundering rhythm section to produce a sound all of their own... Sacred Society consists of Randy Allen/Lead Vocals, Darin Moore/Lead and Rythym Guitars, Patrick Palmer/Bass Guitars, Brian Amburgey/Drums, and Layne Loxley/Keyboards. With two full length studio albums to their credit: "Slay the Beast" in 2000 and "Stand and Conquer" in 2003, Sacred Society has gained noted success in the United States, Canada, and overseas with album sales in Germany, The Netherlands, Peru, Australia, Japan, and others. Also, most recently, Sacred Society has received published album reviews for "Stand and Conquer" in Canada's metal mag "Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles" and interviews in Germany's "Heavy Oder Was" and The Netherlands "Headache" magazines. Sacred Society's music has also been featured on the compilation cds: "Midwest Entertainment Industry Conference 2003" and the upcoming German release of "Metal March Volume 1" . After gaining much of their success under the name, Legacy, the band decided they deserved a name as unique and identifiable as the the music in which they create - Sacred Society. " Sacred Society has currently began the writing process for a third album to be released in 2005 along with a possible instrumental album release by guitarist Darin Moore....Stay tuned!!!