Legacy the lyrical prophet

Legacy the lyrical prophet

 Pensacola, Florida, USA
BandHip HopGospel

This music is a mix of hip-hop, rock, pop, and rap sounds accompanied by smooth vocals and strong, convicting rhymes that bring the gospel message in a unique way.


Influenced by the sounds of Carman, DC Talk, TobyMac, and Michael W. Smith, Legacy the lyrical prophet has had a wide range of musical expression. His lyrical flow has earned him the title in his local community as the "gospel Eminem", while still others have preferred his vocal talent when he lifts up a worship or contemporary pop sound and takes the audience by surprise. Each song that Legacy the lyrical prophet has written is a piece of his history and testimony that embodies who he is and the message he brings.“The music that I have to offer is a mix of hip-hop, R&B, and a contemporary feels that uplift the name of Jesus! It is saturated with the Word of God as the preaching style of a pastor meets the flow style of the street.” Not wanting to be limited to just one style of music alone, Legacy the lyrical prophet has always strived to capitalize on musical diversity. Whether he is awing the crowd with his lyrical skills as a rapper or mesmerizing them with his vocals, Legacy the lyrical prophet has set himself aside in his local market as one of the most sought after performers/ministers. One of the things that sets him apart from the other artists in his city is the way he is able to preach and minister the simplicity of the gospel message either through his worship or through spoken word. His sincerity and conviction of his faith is clearly seen and felt throughout his entire musical recording and live performance. Legacy the lyrical prophet is one of the most electrifying musical ministers in his area as he incorporates rock guitars with classical strings, hip-hop beats to pop music, or rap flows to piano keys. Whatever your musical style is, Legacy the lyrical prophet delivers something for everyone.


Ride or Die

Written By: Michael Ward (Legacy the lyrical prophet)

Don't talk about it, be about it!
Don't talk about it, be about it!
When you steppin' to me, tellin' me what you believe
I don't wanna hear it, I wanna see it
This is Ride or Die, This is Ride or Die
These are the days of the Ride or Die
So don't talk about it, be about it!


"The Making of a Legacy" released Sept. 1st, 2009.

The tracks "Ride or Die", "Heirs of the Kingdom", and "The Same Way" are being played on a streaming online radio "imradio.com"