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Legal Cannon - Still Rise
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Five years ago, three impressionable young men treaded along the dirt paths between trailers at Cardinal Gibbons High School during their days of school. They doodled on desks and yawned through lectures, staring at the second hand on the wall until it was time to go home. All day long music paraded through their minds, and once they were again with their instruments their boredom vanished. For the first 2 years of high school David Binanay toiled with his violin, Adam Tierney was a slave to his guitar, and Mike Loos labored for his guitar and singing voice. Though they didn’t know each other at the time, they were working toward a vision they somehow all shared. Eventually, David and Adam discovered each other and began playing together. The crisp, avant-garde style of Adam’s guitar approach and the emotional depth of David’s ability to sing through his violin immediately turned heads. The two were just getting started, but already people began to notice that they had something other musicians’ did not.

David and Adam soon began to make headway by playing local venues. Their surprisingly mature, acoustic sound started to draw Franklin Street pedestrians into coffee shops. As much positive feedback as they received, the two were not completely satisfied with their sound. They went searching for an additional element, and his name was Mike Loos. Loos was also a student at Cardinal Gibbons, but his musical abilities remained unknown to Adam and Dave until a year ago. Loos brought on an entirely new dimension to the band. The addition of his second guitar piqued previously unreachable aspects of rhythm and lead. Once his rich, fluid vocals were added to the instrumentation, the potential of the band no longer seemed esoteric.

While the three continued to master their instruments, compose new songs, and perfect the specifics within the structure, the band decided it was time to incorporate its final member. Now experienced and polished, they asked Chris Bagley to complete their project. From the first beat Chris improvised the three band mates knew they had made an evolutionary step toward the apex they had all envisioned for themselves. Chris’ signature approach to, and understanding of percussion has built the foundation for the strings to rise upon. Versatile and innovative, he inherently knows how to step outside of generic beats, while simultaneously keeping the band as a whole firmly planted by its original concepts. The four mesh beautifully together, forming a unique, captivating sound of acoustic, melodic rock.

Once Legal Cannon was completely formed, they began to take off at lightening speed. Booking show after show, their audience continues to grow in number and receptiveness. Recently, they were voted Best Local Band by radio station 100.7FM. They have since received numerous invites from local and national venues to perform. Legal Cannon possesses a type of musical telepathy rarely seen. To have 4 such phenomenal musicians together is a feat in and of itself, but to also have the chemistry necessary to go beyond performing music as a hobby and begin using it as a medium of art is something few bands ever hope accomplish. Catch Legal Cannon on their inevitable rise to notoriety.