Legal Insanity

Legal Insanity


Legal Insanity plays a fun blend of rock/metal with influences from contemporary punk. The band is high energy both in song and on stage. Though young in age, the band's belief is that when the crowd starts rocken, age is forgotten!


Chase and Bam met Blink 182 in Orange County California and from that point on decided they wanted to play on stage. They started the band Legal Insanity with original pop punk tunes until they met the BEAST. Beast whose love is metal but has strong back ground on the string bass in jazz and classical brought a unique base line sound to the band. The band has blended their loves to create their own original sound. Thought provoking lyrics, lively tunes and a hot beat gets the listener moving.

Set List

The band has 20 plus songs they can pull from. Thier typical set runs about 45 minutes and the current line-up consists of Puppet Man, Go-Back, Taste of Defeat, Over Thrown, No One Knows, Day of Truth.