With Legba, what you see is what you get. That also applies with the musical aspect. We don't hide behind computers or effects processors. The music speaks for itself. Its heavy, raw straight up rock and roll that will chill you to the bone.


1. Keeper of the Crossroads where Robert Johnson sold his soul.
2a. Four piece band from So. Cal with a passion for old shool rock with a hint of blues.
b. Big drums, crushing guitars, thunderous bass and melodic vocals with an aggressive edge.

Set List

We usually play a 30-45 minute set but have material to play longer if needed.
Song list:
Crossroads, Thousand Miles, Falling Apart, Hole In You, Hell, Uncle Tom's, Drag You Down, Duct Tape,
Recoil (Blues), Temporary Cure, Preach, Break, Too Far, Broken Memories, I've Hated,

Not including songs "in the works."