Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar, MNG

Domog is a Mongolian folk rock band comprising amazing horse head fiddle players and overtone singers. A fusion of traditional and modern music, they extract everything powerful from mongolian indigenous music to create an emotional rollercoaster ride for their audience.


Mongolian folk band "Domog" (which in English translates as Legend) was founded in 2006. The band consists of 4 morin khuur players & 1 drummer, all of whom graduated from Music schools in Mongolia. 2 of these musicians also sing astonishing Mongolian overtone singing.

Domog folk band music was influenced by Finnish Cello Rockers Apocalyptica & Mongolian folk rock band Altan Urag. They aim to promote Mongolian traditional performing arts namely throat singing, jews harp, narrative music & morin khuur (horse head fiddle).

As well as presenting folk music they collaborate with modern music composers on a regular basis to bring folk music in a new modern expressive way. Their music is a fusion of rock & beatbox, played by very gifted and skilful mucisians.

Members of the group have an abundance of experience in performing overseas and participate in international folk music festivals on a regular basis.


"Domog" CD released in 2007
"Melody from my heart" CD released in 2007
"Bishirtugei Ayutugai" CD released in 2009

Set List

3 horse fiddle
1 bass horse fiddle
1 drum