Legenda Aurea

Legenda Aurea

 Zürich, Zurich, CHE

Coming from Zurich, Switzerland, LEGENDA AUREA combine progressive arrangements and mind crushing riffs with an angelic voice, catchy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. While being very diverse, they always manage to keep up their very own uniqueness, what gives a very high recognition value.


LEGENDA AUREA was founded in August 2005 by former drummer Martin Roth and
keyboarder Renato Trinkler.
As their first step into the public, they released a song on the Swiss newcomer-sampler
"Heavy Metal Nation III".
The glorious reviews were even excelled when their first full-length record "Sedna" was released a little later via self-distribution.
As the band was signed by Twilight Zone Records a few months later, the first album got
re-released and merchandised once again.
After some solemnised concerts in German-speaking Switzerland
(including gigs with Nocturnal Rites (SWE) and Thunderstone (FIN)) and two line-up changes (Phillip Eichenberger, drums / Simone Christinat, vocals), they started working on their second album "Ellipsis".
The music got heavier and more unique, and the band has developed itself further.
The recordings for "Ellipsis" were done in Örebro, (SWE) at the Fascination Street Studios, where also Opeth, Amon Amarth, Symphony X and Pain of Salvation hammered their records.
For 2009, the band has big plans: While being successful with "Ellipsis", there shall be as many concerts as possible to promote their album and the band itself.

past members:
Claudia Hofer (vocals)
Martin Roth (drums)
Melissa Derrer (vocals)


SEDNA 2007
Recorded at Mindstorm studios 2006
Released by Twilight Zone Records Winter 07

Recorded at Fascination Street Studios 2008
Release: 6th of March 2009 by Twilight Zone Records