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Legenda Aurea

Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland | INDIE

Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland | INDIE
Band Metal Gothic


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Vera: A Swiss gothic metal band this time… Legenda Aurea was founded in August 2005 by keyboard player Renato Trinkler and drummer Martin Roth with the intention to blend symphonic metal with operatic chants. I know, we’ve heard this before, but that’s what you get when there are lots of releases in the same genre. ‘Ellipsis’ is the successor of the late 2007 launched debut ‘Sedna’ and two members are new. Founder/drummer Martin Roth has gone up in smoke and we have a new female vocalist as well (the third in line). I cannot compare with previous efforts, since this happens to be the first disc I ever hear from this band. On their website I read that this sophomore album ought to be heavier and shows a band with more uniqueness. Let’s start from this point…

After listening to the album, my scepticism has melt away like snow in the sun. From now on, do not say just ‘gothic band’ to Legenda Aurea! ‘Ellipsis’ takes more than one hour – value for money indeed – but my attention did not drift away one second to other places. It is true, the band could rely on the facilities of the famous Fascination Street Studio and producer Jens Bogren where favourite bands such as Opeth, Amon Amarth, Katatonia and Symphony X puzzled at their creations before, but it does not only sounds ultra chunky, this is inventive as well. I notice this right away, by the unconventional keyboard spielerei during the opener ‘Reflections’. The nightingale chants of Simone Christinat are well and imperturbable, but the band is not unanimated or less heavy by this. For instance, listen to the thrash-allied elastic riffs in ‘The Root’ and the superb tightness in ‘Parasomnia’. This causes spontaneous headbanging! And the biography does not exaggerate this time: Legenda Aurea is a progressive metal band. These men’s virtuoso duel (keyboards and guitar) during the slightly atmospheric starting ‘F44.8’ startled me. Or take the emotive guitar runs passing into fast arpeggios in the varied ‘Discouraged’. It even gets Dream Theater allures during the fast ‘Abscondence prt I’. This band makes music at top notch level! There is a second part of ‘Abscondence’ but it is no continuation, but totally different. It is a ballad with piano and strings, but once again regaled with original sounds. The four musicians can live their lives to the full in virtuoso escapes in the instrumental ‘Purgatory’. In ‘Outbreak’ we hear any male raucous vocals for a change and the occluding ‘Resurrection’ brims with extraordinary energy once more. Without losing its progressive élan. It is fun to keep discovering surprises in every genre of music. Legenda Aurea has huge plans for 2009 and they are heartily welcome to it!

Finally this remark: in search for a videoclip I only bumped upon old work and I have to admit: this was mediocre. Thus the band has improved a lot on this record I guess. - Lords of Metal

Swiss symphonic metal band Legenda Aurea have already been around for a few years. In 2007 they released their debut CD with then singer Claudia Hofer. Now the band are back with a new CD titled Ellipsis. This CD marks the band debut of Simone Christinat. The band is completed by Odilo von Ins (Guitars), Michael Herkenrath (Bass), Renato Trinkler (Keyboards) and Philipp Eichenberger (Drums). Ellipsis features 11-songs and 1 hour worth of music that is complete nirvana for fans of symphonic and progressive metal and the bands choice of new singer Simone is a solid one as she is a great addition to this band.
The CD begins with the riff-heavy opener of "Reflections" and man what a great intro to this band for those (like myself) who have never heard them and for fans of their previous release, this is a strong welcome back moment. The next track "The Root" keeps the heaviness going and features some cool tempo changes. The piano piece at the end is very cool indeed. The next track "Parasomnia" provides no let-up whatsoever as this CD just continues to blast through the speakers. This is definitely a highlight. New Lead singer Simone has a diversified singing style as she can go from operatic to mid-range and it totally compliments the music and the rest of the band aren't too shabby either. This riffs are heavy and biting and the music offers a definite cinematic and dramatic feel at times as well. "F44.8" continues with the heaviness but it is also one of the more unique songs on offered here and it definitely stands out. "Discouraged", "Abscondence Prt. I", "Abscondence Prt. II", "Superbia" and the instrumental "Purgatory" are more brilliant moments before the dramatic 8-minute closer "Resurrection" ends things on a definite high note.
After listening to this beautiful CD, I am definitely now a fan of Legenda Aurea. The material contained within is just so strong and the vocals of Simone Christinat quite impressive. There is a lot to like about this band but the main focus is definitely the songs and the band deliver a CDs worth of strong material that sounds better and better with each listen. - FEMME Metal


SEDNA 2007
Recorded at Mindstorm studios 2006
Released by Twilight Zone Records Winter 07

Recorded at Fascination Street Studios 2008
Release: 6th of March 2009 by Twilight Zone Records



LEGENDA AUREA was founded in August 2005 by former drummer Martin Roth and
keyboarder Renato Trinkler.
As their first step into the public, they released a song on the Swiss newcomer-sampler
"Heavy Metal Nation III".
The glorious reviews were even excelled when their first full-length record "Sedna" was released a little later via self-distribution.
As the band was signed by Twilight Zone Records a few months later, the first album got
re-released and merchandised once again.
After some solemnised concerts in German-speaking Switzerland
(including gigs with Nocturnal Rites (SWE) and Thunderstone (FIN)) and two line-up changes (Phillip Eichenberger, drums / Simone Christinat, vocals), they started working on their second album "Ellipsis".
The music got heavier and more unique, and the band has developed itself further.
The recordings for "Ellipsis" were done in Örebro, (SWE) at the Fascination Street Studios, where also Opeth, Amon Amarth, Symphony X and Pain of Salvation hammered their records.
For 2009, the band has big plans: While being successful with "Ellipsis", there shall be as many concerts as possible to promote their album and the band itself.

past members:
Claudia Hofer (vocals)
Martin Roth (drums)
Melissa Derrer (vocals)