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Legendary Status

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Whether it be that underground flavor, or something for the clubs Legendary Status delivers hottness each and everytime. With a mixture of styles ranging the dirty south sound to the East coast sound and beyond


Legendary Status is the brainchild of UrbanDisk Records Artist and Genral Manager Legend. With three different artists with three different and unique approaches to ripping the mic.

Legend, born Stanley Parker was born and raised in New Jersey and started producing hip hop at the early age of 15 and since then has went on to produce for vairous artists. He attented North Carolina Agricutural and Technical University with a major in Music Education. He is an accomplished Drummer having played with the likes of Jazz legend Slide Hampton as well as sharing the stage with cultural icons such as Maya Angelu. As an MC, Legend offers up precise rhythmical flows with slick content that keeps the listeners entranced to his melodic voice.

At a very yound age Legend showed the an interest in music as matter of fact as a toddler he would run around the house singing songs that he would make up in his head. "Music was always a part of my life," says Legend. It has always been his way of expressing himself.

Legend makes music that keeps the head nodding, it's all about the nod factor when he constructs a beat. His beats range from straight instrumentation to samples and everything in between. Being a trained musician allows hime to express himself with dead on accuracy and creative flare.

K-oz, born Albert Jeren Parker was raised in the rugged backwoods of North Carolinas Foothills and is quickly catching the ears of Hip-Hop fans worldwide. With a unique sounding voice that resonates the ear drum and captivates the mind K-oz is set to become one of Hip-Hop’s elite southern artists.

As a youngster K-oz was first introduced to the Hip Hop culture by an older brother and ever since he has been an avid fan of the art form. By the time he reached his teens years he began recording freestyles into a handheld tape recorder. As he progressed he began to work with South Image Records which is a local production company in his hometown. After being featured on several South Image singles, his hard work finally paid off as a producer from New Jersey would hear one of his songs and instantly seek to work with him.

“K-oz has a voice like no one else, it sings over the track,” says producer Legend. It was Legend who would introduce his work to Will Crittendon, owner of UrbanDisk Records, an independent recording label based out of Manhattan. After having been featured on a single with Lady Demo a female rap artists singed to UrbanDisk, K-oz was offered a recording contract with Record label.

Currently K-oz is in the studio working on his own solo effort, and performing at local venues. As a performer K-oz brings a great deal of energy to the stage. It is that energy that keeps the audience into his performances. “I don’t see why K-oz won’t be the next big thing to come out of the south.,” said industry veteran Crittendon.

K-oz is a perfectionist and continues to improve exponentially by working very hard at his craft. His syncopated flow and southern accent are an interesting combination that keeps you listening to his every word, hanging on as to not miss a syllable. K-oz is who he is and country is where he’s from, watch this up and coming star shoot to the top and take his title and the South’s new rhyme champion.

Born and raised in Harlem, this 21 year old Latino Raptress is quickly capturing the eyes and ears of Hip-Hop fans worldwide. Currently hailing from the Bronx, Lady Demo has created a unique flow, and incomparable delivery that is sure to propel her to international stardom.

It is her life experience that gives substance to her music. Having come up in Harlem and seeing the harsh realities of the streets first hand, Lady Demo has developed the determination to make it in the music industry, transforming her poems into lyrics and “Delivering Hits.” As Jay-Z once said “Marcy to Madison Square,” Lady Demo is set to emerge from the darkness and blaze her own path in the world of entertainment.

Her creativity, versatility and drive breathe life into her music. Being a talented dancer and choreographer allows her to put on an energetic and complex stage show that keeps the audience cheering for more. Lady Demo started out on the Open Mic circuit in New York City, performing at such clubs as, The Pyramid, Club Speed and countless others. “It was Demo’s stage presence that first drew me towards her,” says Hip-Hop Producer Legend. With the help and support of industry veteran Will Crittendon, Manager and Owner of UrbanDisk Records, she has completed her first single and been able to begin work on her debut album which is near completion. Performing however, is Lady Demo’s favorite aspect of being an entertainer. She enjoys the energy created in a venue when the crowd gets into the performance. The louder the crowd, the more hype she becomes giving her the energy to keep the party going.

Lady Demo wants her name to be well known and respected. As


Attempted Murder 2006, this album features the controviersial "We don't lean back," which is the a plead for cats to stop all this leaning and come up with something new. Also contained on this album is the feel good track One of the Baddest, which features all three mc's riding over a west coast influenced soulful back drop of drums, keys and flutes. The track listing is as follows
1. Buck - Lady Demo
2. Hit em up - Lady Demo featuring Yung Black
3. Skake for me - Lady Demo featuring K-Oz
4. Bottome to the top - Legend
5. Fly tonght - Ed Brown featuring Legend
6. Mean to be - Lady Demo featuring Ed Brown
7. One of the Baddest - Legend, Lady Demo and K-Oz
8. Really Want - Lady Demo, Legend featuring Trump
9. Same Chick - Legend
10. We don't lean back - Lady Demo featuring Legend
11. Who you is - K-oz
12. Get it on - Legend featuring Ed Brown

Set List

Our set lists contiually change, but we usually do 40 minutes to an hour per set and can do up to three sets.