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"Legend Heart"

Legend Heart is a band focused on recreating classic and progressive rock sounds through driving guitars and soaring
vocals, meant to transport you back to the 70’s and 80’s. They do a fine job making you feel like you are stepping into
that time.
Legend Heart Records has a distinctive focus; they give 50% of their CD sales to charities that center their efforts
around advancing women-owned enterprises and helping homeless women, children, and teens. Legend Heart Records
and Legend Heart the band are the world's first self-discovered independent label and rock band.
The music is great and so is their cause. You can rock out knowing you have helped someone in need, how much
better does it get than that?

http://www.visionmusicusa.com/reviews.html (3 of 5)12/1/2004 4:46:03 PM - Vision Music USA


Customer Review: Rating: 5

As I type this review, I am listening to this CD AGAIN! It's one of those "can't turn it off" kind of CD's.
Although cdnow.com does not have the sound clips, the songs are like a maze through various genres and
styles. The artistry that went into this independent release is amazing to say the least. Such talent should not
have been overlooked by the music industry. But then again, we all know that business sucks anyway!
One song that I find amazingly perfect is "Garland of Dreams". Overtones of older Uriah Heep, and a haunting
vocal track along the lines of John Lennon really set this song apart from everything else out there. "Animal in
Me" is just a pure rocker. One of those songs that get your foot going, no matter how much you don't want it
to. And the track "You Don't Belong" is just a real nicely arranged song! This CD pretty much covers everything
most music lovers listen to (shy of rap that is). There's something for most everyone on this single CD release.
And no foul or abusive language on this CD! Not even a hint of it anywhere! This can be listened to by every
age group!
Legend Heart is a breath of fresh air in a stuffy room. Legend Heart also donates proceeds to various charities
from their CD sales. Yes, they take cash they could stick in their pockets and put it back into society where it is
helpful and needed. Can't name many of those bands can you? :) And this is not just this CD, it's every single
release this band puts out. Legend Heart is a rare find indeed. Bold new ideas, talent, ability, and songwriting
skills that could be compared to the best of them. If you support those who support the music, this is a must
Plus you can get all the inside scoop right from their website at "http://www.legendheart.com" where you'll
find band member info, song clips, and a forum as well. As well as other information dealing with music, this
band, and the charities.
http://www.djpeanuts.com/product/B0001Z94UG 12/1/2004 9:03:56 AM - Liz In Philly - Customer DJ Peanuts

"Legend Heart Debut CD Review"

December 30, 2004
Six out of the 15 songs on Legend Heart's recently released self-titled album could slide easily into rotation on classic rock radio station KZOK. Hook-laden rock songs, with multiple vocals and guitars, sound as if they were knocked out in the relaxed atmosphere of a garage most likely with Rush, Ronnie James Dio and Alice Cooper album covers nailed to the walls - the cleanest, best-sounding garage on the block. Barely a year old, this local band will perform a New-Year's Day show at the Pantages Theater. The Weekly Volcano caught up with Legend Heart co-founder and lead guitarist Reno West before Saturday's show... - Ron Swarner - Weekly Volcano Tacoma, WA.

"In the Nutshell 4/04"

LEGEND HEART-Self titled and released. - I became friends with the singer/guitarist/keyboard player; Reno West. Reno who might I add is totally hot, is originally from the area and was once in a band here. He has since moved to the Seattle area. He totally surprised me and caught me off guard with this package sent! This is a really awesome CD that I hear is doing very well on the west coast! I can see some Ritchie Blackmore and even a bit of Beatles influences and was impressed with the drive, direction and lyrical content that each song from this CD takes you on! The CD is total rock and is so very marketable and different. It's very very good! Half the proceeds go to charities that benefit homeless and disadvantaged women, and children. Bravo Reno, you are a truelly beautiful and talented person!

Reviews: PO Box 192, Feasterville, PA 19053. WWW.LynnRamage.com

- by Lynn Ramage'

"Rolling Stone...Reviews"

5of 5 Stars

this band is the re-birth of great rock and roll that was thought of as long gone. The magic of king crimson, the doors, boston, the beatles, and gracie slick, to name but a few, live through this band's refreshing original collection of songs. they have a new sound that glows with an essence of claasic rock and roll. this band is a rarity. BUY! BUY!


Dec, 29 2005 15:50:56

5of 5 Stars

I give this CD 5 stars! All of these songs are cool. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I would have to say that my main favorites are journeys of love, once ina garland of dreams, and danielle. The music not only moves you, but the artwork is brilliant. More please!!!!! (Donetta)

Jan, 17 2006 19:24:34

5of 5 Stars

I met Reno West in Manhattan Beach California, It was a mutually interesting conversation we had. I've been following this band he formed with Ms. Monique, and have listened and reviewed the orginal material from both releases. As a former corporate bigwig of the entertainment industry, My experience is long, and my knowledge is vast. I will keep this concise. In a world of mostly deceptive musical atrocity, Legend Heart is a musical triumph of reality, Their talent is a living truth that greatness is still alive and gleaming. This band is pure creative genius!

Jonathan C. Braheny Jr.

- RollingStone.com

"Simply hypnotic! 5 stars!"

I think this band reflects all the great sounds that made rock music explode into our very being. This music is cleverly molded into catchy hooks, addictive sounds, and captivating movements. It is simply hypnotic, and a must have in any rock lover's collection!
- CD Baby Reviewer: Timothy Leptor

"5 stars!"

one of those cd's you just can't stop listening to. great writing, great musicians, one of a kind sound! i love this group! la música excelente que hará usted se siente bien - CD Baby Reviewer: Victor Flores

"This CD is killer! 5 stars!"

This CD is killer! All my friends love it! I love every single song, but my favorite is "Go for your guns" I'd have to say my second is "Anitas flame" Reno West is my favorite guitar player of all times and a babe! I luv the way Suzette Monique sings and plays the flute too. Can't wait for the new one, this one will be tough to beat!
- CD Baby Reviewer: Kimberly Coles

"EXCELLENT!! 5 stars!"

This music is rare and talented. Something I haven't heard in many years. I look forward to hearing more music released from this band. Their website has more info about them, as well as a forum at: www.LegendHeart.com - CD Baby Reviewer: Linda James


*Self-titled debut Album/CD released
FEBRUARY 14, 2004*

*Second CD: River Cry For The Sky
Released FEBRUARY 22, 2006*




Legend Heart was born in early 2003 after years of work between Reno West and Suzette Monique. Along side business partner & close friend Bob Roberts, the band released their successful self-titled debut CD on Valentines Day in 2004.

Legend Heart band members are comprised of seasoned, professional & multi-talented musicians, whose individual energies contribute to the uniquity of the band's synergistic sound. The band made their debut public performance at the Pantages Theater on January 1st 2005, to a very enthusiastic crowd. Northwest Harvest and the Family Renewal Center were both featured charities at the self-produced event.

Reno West has played everything from small bars to concert stadiums nationwide, over the years, sharing the stage with some of the greatest artists in music history. His talents and skills as a songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and performer are among the best. Many of the legendary acts he has jammed with and shared the stage with in the past, not only admire his talents as an artist, but have a great respect for his decision to stay true independent all the way.

Suzette Monique's colorful musical history includes performing in concert bands, and musical theater performances in Berlin, Germany. She began studying music and voice at a very early age; and is an accomplished musician of many years. She was born into it. Her aunt, Dorothy Berry, toured and sang as a Raylette with Ray Charles in the mid-to-late 70s; and her uncle Richard Berry penned the famed song "Louie, Louie" in the 50s. Suzette's vocals, bass, and flutes add color, strength, power, depth, and emotion to the Legend Heart sound. She is an artist, dedicated to her craft and it shines.

The late James Wyatt, Legend Heart's original bassist, worked with some of the greatest Motown, R&B, & Soul artists in history, including; Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, The Drifters, The Platters, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, The Temptations, & Fats Domino. James was not only a mesmerizing bassist, and a good vocalist; he was also a living miracle. When James was in his teens, he lost four of his fingers in a work related accident. He literally played the bass with the top halves of his four fingers missing. It is truly beyond belief how he did it, and managed to be so phenomenal. He will be very missed.

Mike West is a developing talent, full of promise. He started playing keyboards at a very young age, and has since expanded his skills to include rhythm guitar. He has become a very vital part of the band.

Mason Randles is a 19 year old native of Washington State. He is a powerful drummer who's primary style is in the heavier types of rock and metal, although he is very talented in other styles as well. His father once shared the stage as an opening act for Iron Maiden. Mason is a dedicated, creative, passionate, musician with strong character. He is also a rhythm guitarist who writes songs and has his own project as well, aside from Legend Heart.

Bob Roberts is not only the band's business manager, but also plays bass in the Legend Heart acoustic and rock shows. Bob has always loved the bass, and was inspired by not only James Wyatt, but the great bassists of the sixties and seventies.

Together, the members of Legend Heart form a powerhouse, ass-kicking wall of synergy, sound, and song.

Legend Heart Performance History For The Northwest:

The Pantages Theater (Tacoma)
Martin Luther King Festival (Olympia)
Harley Davidson Motorcycle Festival (Olympia)
Evergreen State College Super Saturday Festival 30th Anniversary
Studio 7
The Rainbow
Hell's Kitchen
C&P Coffee Company
Action Northwest
The Mandolin
Undersea Records
JA Michaels
Oh Gallaghers
Central Saloon
El Corozan
Maggie O'Tooles
4th Ave
Station 56
Trabant Chi
South Pacific Sports Club
Private Events