Legend of the Fall

Legend of the Fall

 Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, USA

Pop? Rock? Punk? It is all about bringing the party to the stage. Legend of the Fall gives you a little bit of everything. We are five brothers hailing from New Jersey who range in age from 14 to 22. Going after the dream and doing what it takes to make it in the music world!


JD Alam - Vocals, Guitar
Skyler Alam - Drums, Vocals
Levi Alam - Keyboards, Vocals
Madison Alam - Bass, Vocals
CaseyJones Alam - Guitar, Vocals

Legend Of The Fall has defined its own genre in a musical landscape dominated by mediocrity and nu-metal clones. In just two years, the band has created an undeniable sound that they have affectionately dubbed “Pop-core”.

Hailing from Ridgefield Park, NJ, Legend Of The Fall consists of five brothers ranging in age from 14 to 21. After first stepping onto a stage in April of 2007, the brothers JD, Skyler, Levi, Madison and Casey Jones Alam have never looked back. “The adrenaline and roar of the crowd was the most amazing feeling that we’d ever felt. We immediately knew that we had found our calling” states JD.

With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Panic At The Disco to Paramore, Legend Of The Fall make music that captures the essence of the youth of today. The band credit their father as their biggest influence and the reason they became a band. “Our dad was in a band with his brothers when they were younger.” says JD. “There was only three of them and they were 80's classic rock type stuff. Watching them when we were young, it just felt like that's what we were gonna grow up to do. We didn't really think of making it or not but we just somehow knew that we were destined to grow up to be musicians.”

The name Legend Of The Fall came from an all night session of sitting around the kitchen table brainstorming. “Our dad said how about Legend of the Fall?” says Skyler. “We decided to take all of the names that we had come up with and put them in a hat. We then prayed and pulled out a piece of paper and it said Legend of the Fall. Well it was Legend of a Fall, but we changed it because if we used the first letters, we didn't wanna be called LOAF.” “We're very big on meaning” adds JD. “The one thing we promised each other is we'll never let go of the fact that everything needs to have purpose. We don't do empty meaningless music, so we knew we needed a meaning behind our name. People say that the story of Daniel is just a legend and that Adam and Eve are just stories of Jewish legend. So, we connected it to the fall of man to show that people will consider it to be Legend of the Fall.”

For the past two years, Legend Of The Fall has built up a loyal fan base by captivating audiences with their explosive live shows. The band has self released 2 CD’ss simply titled “Sketches” and “Sketches Part II”. The CDs showcase the bands ability to write amazing, undeniable, hook-laden songs.

In December of 2009, the band signed a management deal with heavy weight PR and management firm, New Ocean Media (Framing Hanley, Candlebox, Red). Legend of the Fall has been working and recording at Soundmine Recording Studio in East Stroudsburg with producer Dan Malsch (Forever the Sickest Kids, Framing Hanley, Bigwig, Tantric). “We are looking forward to what lies ahead” states Levi. “2010 is going to be an amazing year!”

When asked about the meaning behind the bands songs, JD explains “Step Up” is about hope. The chorus is “Step up to the plank we're diving in, Step up to the plank we're diving in, maybe we'll drown and maybe we'll swim, Step up to the plank we're diving in.” The whole point is we don't know the consequences to anything, but we have to do what we believe and just know and hope that we'll pull through. We're Christians so hope is a big deal for us. Hope, faith, and love are the three things being a Christian entails and that’s what shines through. Also, we obviously appeal to a younger audience being young ourselves. There's a line that says “Maybe mom and dad just don't understand but we do, yeah we do.” This is more about hope again. Hope is what will get you

“ Keep You're Emo Glasses On (Scene Girls at the Beach)” is pretty straight forward. It's about the whole emo and scene culture and how we're part of it and the girls who are in this culture are really hot. It's nothing vulgar, perverse, or sexual, but it's a statement of these girls are really cute. It kind of approaches it from a psychological point of view, where we talk about the stores they shop at, the places to find them, and the fact that it's a culture conforming to anti-conformism. It's really fun and poppy a lot of people love it.”

Their debut EP "SELL OUTS" was recently released on ITUNES on the Island Def Jam Digital label on July 6th, 2010.

In 2 Timothy 4:4, the Bible states "They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths."

So if the people of the world do turn to myths and legends, won't they then think the truth is the legend? They would refer to the truth as the legend of the creation, legend of the prophets, and the LEGEND OF THE FALL!



Written By: Legend of the Fall

Hear we're comin down
Cause winter never came so fast
And we'll pass all the time
So damn loud our head in the clouds

We got hooks they pop like champagne
Put this moment in a frame
The cops are here
I'll take the blame

I got my feet on the ground
And my head in the clouds
I know
I wanna grab this moment
I wanna sieze and own it
I know
Uh Oh
Uh Oh
Uh Oh

I hope I don't crash hard
Hoping and hoping I'm holding
Onto every word I sing
Every word I sing

And my phone's open
And I'm calling you out
And your devilish arms got me feeling like


When the world comes down I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready
When the world comes down I'm ready to go (x2)



Written By: Legend of the Fall

Scene girl turn up your radio loud
Infatuated with your new sound
Girls with lines on their hip glasses
Throw up their hands as they scream

Scene Girls that turn up the radio
Emo that love our new single
Scene girls that turn up the radio
And if you haven't guessed you'll hear us on your radio

I remember when it happened I couldn't believe it
Sometimes go and stare at the girls in Hot Topic
When they put their hoods on their hoodies
It drives me crazy
I'm loving the dark eyeliner


And I watch you walk
The block and all the guys they flock
You're a punk rock princess
Climbing up my hit list
To number 1 a billboard song
To number 1 a billboard song
You're my number 1
For too long

Scene Girl turn up your radio loud

You know I go to Hot Topic just to look at them
Damn the preppy popped collard losers, be with me
Choppy hair
Thick rimmed glasses
Glasses with the lines on them
Glasses with the lines on them
Tight pants
Cartoon shirts
Put up your hands and say
I am emo, I am Scene, I am proud



Written By: Legend of the Fall

Here goes nothin

Maybe there's a light that darkens up your day
But blackout and never say
The love we're having today
Never seem to live a little
But I live a lot
Seems to have me all tied up

It's been so long since I've been in this place

Step Up to the plank
We're dving in
Step Up to the plank
We're diving in
Maybe we'll drown
Maybe we'll swim
We're diving in

Maybe mom and dad just don't understand
but we do
There's more to life than so soon
You're acting kinda rebellious
I Won't stop you


Keep pressing for (I been walking on)
The hope that all of this breaks through
Let's take the time (I've been stepping in)
And rewrite all the things we knew (this ice that's thin)
Keep pressing for
The hope that all of this breaks through

Chorus (2x)


SELL OUTS (EP) - July 6th, 2010

SKETCHES PT I (5 song demo) - self released
SKETCHES PT II (8 song demo) - self released

Set List

Playing anywhere from a 20 - 60 minute set, we can include a cover or two but our set is mostly all our originals.