Chris Carroll's Legend

Chris Carroll's Legend


With a natural blend of blues, jazz, heavy classic rock and traces from the psychedelic era, Legend holds true to the sounds that shaped a world of inspirations. It's classic undertones and well scored compositions breath life into a wave of neo-vintage accents.


Somewhere between the dark and the light lies a place with just the right shades and highlights ...a place where imagination merges with reality ...a place where dreams take flight and creativity rides on the breath of a song.

For Legend, this place is all around, inspiring the air which breaths life into it's compositions.

Founded in the winter of 2008, Legend was constructed when long time New Orleans native, Chris Carroll found his way north shortly after the devistation of Hurricane Katrina. With his passion for music and his love of the arts, it wasn't long before he found himself scouring Western PA and Eastern Ohio for similar counterparts. Encountering a seemingly endless wall of dicouragement, Chris had finally found what he was looking for in drummer/percussionist Rob Law, a Florida native who had also found himself to be a stranger in a strange land, far north from what was once home.

The two were great friends before long, and found themselves delving into many different styles of music and opening many new doors. With Chris' passionate guitar playing, innovative song writing and creative lyrics branded with Rob's heavy hitting beats and broad knowledge of percussion, the music began writing itself, and the foundation of Legend was being built brick for brick.

Striving to create something new and different to set them apart from the rest of the world was not a problem, as they found themselves gaining influence from artists that had inspired them throughout their whole lives, and with such legends as Santana, Jeff Beck, Deep Purple, Iron Butterfly, Led Zeppelin, and so on, hence became the name Legend.

Knowing that their achievements were sounding full and fluent, there was still something missing. They began seeking additional help... something more to add to their sound, and after many dead ends their persuit had proved successful and the band finally became a trio upon finding bassist Chris Baker. Chris's addition to the band brought a powerful backbone to the structure and gave Legend its well deserved depth. A major step towards completion as the band slowly continues to grow and expand.

Legend has performed on numerous occasions and is always a success, adorning the stage as well as the hearts of those willing to free their mind and let themselves be taken to a place where music wanders free.

Sculpted of time and composed with the wind, shaped with passion and given it's own breath of life.

...with music comes song, and with song comes Legend.

Set List

Hypnosis - 4:00
The Legacy - 8:47
Ancient Wonders - 4:00
Mahogany Rose - 8:38
Book of Song - 8:26
Faded Mystery/Wreath of Black Roses
Picture Frame of Dreams - 5:20
...with my guitar - 6:54
New Dawn Rising - 4:56
MojaveSea - 8:38
Spirit of the Mountain - 8:38
Seat of the Soul (S.O.S.) - 6:28
Dead Man's Hand - 6:25
Glass Elevator - 5:45

Current original set list
approximately 2hrs

Addition covers
encompassing a wide
variety of the 70's, 80's,
and 90's

Blues, Jazz, Rock,
Hard Rock, and Classic Rock