Legends to Fall
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Legends to Fall

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The "While We're All Here" EP:
-Oh, The Cycle
-Momentary Bliss
-The Closer
-The Fear, The Flame



Legends To Fall is comprised of four best friends from Atlanta, Georgia. Four people who have devoted everything to music. Our passion has driven us to succeed and write what we believe to be our greatest music yet. Just over two years ago, the band (formerly known as Silent Wars) came together with one other guitarist as a southern rock/ hardcore band. Quickly discovering our natural abilities to write well together, we continued to write and play shows all over Atlanta. Years of friendship prior to the band only improved our ability to perform on stage together and challenge each other to be better musicians . We were able to accomplish more than any other band we had been a part of in such a short amount of time. Due to personal issues our lead guitarist needed to leave the band, which only paved the way for us to examine and explore our talent together to its fullest capability. We felt that hardcore music was not utilizing our talent wisely, seeing as we all grew up listening to alternative/ pop music ranging from Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, and Saves The Day to The Beatles, Deftones, Radiohead, Incubus, and Glassjaw.
With the loss of our other guitarist it was time to test our faith in one another. With everyone aging from twenty to twenty-three, it was time for us to seriously examine what this band was really about. We started from scratch, writing our first song all together; the four of us sitting in one room for hours on end. As we sat, the first words from Harrison's mouth became our inspiration: “Well, while we're all here (the name of our first ep to be released), let's write a song.” From the moment we finished our first song, The Fear, The Flame, we knew this music was for us. With everyone contributing an equal part to this masterpiece, it explains our will and ambition to be the best despite all setbacks. Nothing will stand between us and nothing can break us. Without one of us, our band is useless. Words and melodies that will move you, ear catching guitar and bass riffs that are simplistically beautiful and powerful, with complex drums driving every part; Legends To Fall is not only a band. It is a friendship, a passion, and an understanding of music that we share together.