Lego Steiner

Lego Steiner


"lego is an outstanding talent. his creative output is immense and he is a very special performer. his unique mixture of funk, pop and electro ain´t nothing but fresh." Marianne Schneider


Lego Steiner formely known as Norbert Schneider raised in a musical family in Vienna, Austria. The whole family sung and played on celebrations and parties.
Lego started his musical career at the early age of 6. He played violin in varying classical orchestras in vienna, austria. At the age of 16 he switched to guitar.
Lego was fascinated by the raw and garagy sounds of the Blues........

Now he´s the main Bluesexport from Austria. He toured and played with a lot of the originators. Louisiana Red, Big Jay McNeely, Aaron Burton, Sister Shirley Sidnor, Rusty Zinn, Travis Haddix, Bernard Allison,.....
With his old-school "R & B Caravan" Norbert is touring all over europe.

Through the collaboration with original blues/jazz/soul artists he learned important things that you can´t get from schools or books. Lego developed a deep musical sensibility over the years.

Legos main influences are The Time, Peter Sellers, The Meters, Curtis Mayfield, Peaches, Neil Young and Paulus Manker.

With his solo project he is creating a unique style that is based on Indie, Funk, Electronic and Pop.


Keep On Running

Written By: Norbert Schneider

I´m out in the jungle
can´t find my way through
you say that you help me
that ain´t what you do

I keep on running
cheer up baby
I keep on running
till I reach home

you put the hurt on me
and your rubbish too
ain´t no use in hiding
what I feel for you

can I get some of your water
my throat is doggone dry
I´m running like hell to get away from this place and this ugly guy

it is stunning how fast you´re running,
when you´re trying to get away from a cunning rascal,
what´s that humming, it sounds like drumming,
keeps on running in my head

sixty kilometers
till I reach my home

I keep on running
cheer up baby
I keep on running
till I reach home


Written By: Norbert Schneider

life is a train
leavin´ you the blame
when you hit the track
there ain´t no coming back

you´re runnin´ through the wagons
searching for an aim
life is a train
leavin´ you the blame
the blame

station after station
passes by
you´re looking out the window
don´t know why

who´s the engine driver
right in the front
how does he know
and what does he want

meanwhile the train goes on and on
time is running faster
mile by mile
it goes on and on
until your life is gone
it´s done and blown away

has left the station
what a sweet temptation
too much obligation

the train is leavin´ you the blame

I Need Your Batee

Written By: Norbert Schneider

I´m bold and outstanding
fresh like a tangerine
if you smell something cooking
you can taste my cuisine
I can do it like a ram
and like a gentleman too
it cannot be denied
that my body pleases you

I need your batee

I might party in geneva
budapest or rome
always on the ball
ain´t got a place I call my home
I don´t need no jewelry
I need some of your time
I don´t need a haircut
I don´t need a ´!$""(=? rhyme

I need your batee
can I have it for a while?

I wonna go down south
that´s the place I wonna be
it´s warm and cozy down there
sugar won´t you come with me

your standing in the doorway
what a sight
you turn me on at daytime
I sho´nuff can´t wait till night

can I have it for a while
I need your batee

Jelly Is Shaking

Written By: Norbert Schneider

there ain´t no fakin´
the jelly is shakin´

hey ladies
have you heard
about a cat
they´re calling norbert

he´s got the sound
sho ´nuff got the walk
if you do right baby
he will talk that talk

All the sexy ladies can come my way
We go on and on as long as you holler for more

hey ladies
listen what I say
if you want good lovin´
you can come my way

shake your body
but don´t get hurt
and when it´s getting to sweaty
you can take off your shirt

All the sexy ladies can come my way
We go on and on as long as you holler for more

shake your jelly, shake it
there ain´t no need to break it
if you shake it almost naked
you got to be ready to take it


Musik Von hier Sampler4 with Jelly Is Shaking, 2007

Lego performed as Norbert Schneider on R & B Caravan - Clompletely Locked In -
Styx CD 1021

Lego performed as Norbert Schneider on - R&B Caravan Live at Jazzfestival Ascona 07 - Styx DVD 1032

TV Broadcast:

on german 3sat, SWR and swiss TS1 station:
Norbert Schneider´s R&B Caravan live at Jazzfestival Ascona 07

Radio Airplay :

She´s My Baby - KUCI 88.9 FM, Irvine/CA/USA

Various songs - Ö1 89.9, Vienna/Austria

Various Songs - Radio Kanalratte UKW 104,5
France, Switzerland, Germany

Talking Too Much - Radio Zürichsee 100,4 Mhz

Set List

Waiting On Me
Lego Steiner Wants To Know Why
Southside Jam
Keep On Running
Future In My Hands
Jelly Is Shaking
Stop The Shit
I Need Your Batee
That Ain´t Slick
Ain´t That A Shame

1 Set - one hour fifteen minutes