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The best kept secret in music


"Creation Steppin'"

Lehbanchuleh (Swahili meaning to build upon a solid foundation) marks himself as an up-and-comer with his debut release, Claim The Joy. Although the sweet success of this release was nearly marred by an automobile accident, Lehbanchuleh is recovering quickly and will soon be back in the studio.  Formerly part of the duo Sugar Black and Lehbanchuleh, formed in 1989, he steps out in his own style successfully.  His voice will remind you a bit of Mikey General and Luciano, who collaborate with him on a standout track on this album.  However, Lehbanchuleh's style is a little more rootsy, yet he effortlessly moves between roots, conscious dancehall and lovers tracks with equal aplomb.  The awesome song Choose Life comes in two forms, one solo and another with the aforementioned Mikey General and Luciano; the solo effort is slightly better! Open Your Eyes and the title track are also excellent, and there are many other quality songs including collaborations with Anthony B, Sugar Black, and Terry Ganzie.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed when you buy this album (available at Ernie B's).  This is music built upon strong faith and expression and it will lift you spiritually as well as musically. - DJ Bahilman

"The Lion's Den"

.... I am uplifted greatly by Claim the Joy. 'Choose Life' & 'Claim the Joy' are only a couple of the fine tunes. Timeless. ... Can't wait to see a Stone Tiger Package tour. - Zen Ken

"KAZI in Austin, Texas"

Playing 'Eyes on the Father' and it was so sweet, put a huge smile on my face and I had to pull it up and run it again!!!!! ... Jah bless this musical feast ... - DJ-RJ

"The Beat Magazine"

...Lehbanchuleh first came on the Jamaican recording scene in the early '90s under his real name Norberth Clarke but made his mark as half of the duo Sugar Black and Lehbanchuleh with a series of great Jamaican 7" singles a couple of years back. Claim the Joy ... is his first solo album cd and it's a winner with powerful songs like "Binghi Man," "Heed Jah Words" and "Eyes on the Father," putting him head and shoulders above many of his contemporaries. Lehbanchuleh has a nice voice and he uses it to great effect with conscious lyrics, Rasta imperative and positive vibrations. With production credits including but not limited to Phillip Burrell, Beres Hammond and Henry K, the sound is forward and driving, modern but rooted in the best reggae traditions. Guests on this disc include Terry Ganzie on "Moving On," Luciano and Mikey General on an alternate version of "Choose Life" and longtime singing partner Sugar Black on the explosive "Behold the Armageddon" and "Stress in the Ghetto" (which also includes dj Anthony B). This is roots with a vengeance, a massive attack on the ills of the established order that goes a good way towards offering a better solution. If you think contemporary reggae is all down-and-dirty dancehall and can't hold a candle to the roots music of old give a listen to Lehbanchuleh and let him turn your head around like reggae itself did a long time ago. - Chuck Foster

"Reggae Vibes"

Former UK based singer Norberth Clarke, now calling himself Lehbanchuleh (pronounce La-bon-ku-lay), has unleashed his long-awaited debut solo album "Claim The Joy". Lehbanchuleh - Swahili meaning "to build upon a solid foundation" - is a spiritual artist who has toured the world with Tony Rebel and oft times spar Sugar Black with whom he scored a string of hits including "I'm Yours", "Start The War", "No Division", "You Are So Beautiful", "Jordan River", "Precious Souls", "Never Get Weary", "Ethiopia Here I Come" and a remake of the well known Bob Marley song "Easy Skanking". Firm rasta consciousness prevails on this 15-piece collection, which contains excellent new material such as "Choose Life" (featured here twice, once in combination with Luciano and Mikey General), "Claim The Joy", "Heed Jah Words", "Welcome To Life" and "Stress In The Ghetto", the wicked combination tune with Anthony B & Sugar Black. The latter also turns up for the superb version of Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come" and the solid "Behold The Armageddon", both having appeared on 7" singles a couple of years ago. Other memorable tunes we are treated to are the outstanding "Eyes On The Father" and the Beres Hammond produced "Moving On" - again twice, with and without deejay Terry Ganzie. Overall opinion is that Lehbanchuleh has delivered an inspiring and uplifting debut set, not to be overlooked by those who appreciate real good conscious reggae music. - Teacher & Mr. T


Lehbanchuleh means build upon a solid foundation in Swahili, which with a placement on the Billboard Reggae charts is certainly what he`s done. More conscious reggae with spirtual overtones from the Stone Tiger label is just what the doctor ordered. With single-worthy tracks like "Choose Life" and "Open Your Eyes", Lehbanchuleh is catchy yet genuine, which is relatively unheard in the mainstream music industry. Check out the fun beats in "Claim the Joy" that will have you up and dancing to the great groove. This is just real good reggae and will have anyone and I mean anyone digging its positive atmosphere. - J-Sin


Claim the Joy (Banchu Muzik/Stone Tiger) -- LP
A Chance (Essence LP)
A Change Is Gonna Come (Flames/Henry K) -- single
Precious Souls (Flames) -- single
Oh, Jah (Flames) -- single
Jordan River (Flames) -- single
Let It Be ((Flames) -- single
Endlessly (Penthouse) -- single
Andrea & Sophia (Penthouse) -- single
Donna (Soljie) -- single
Oh, Mama Africa (Black Scorpio) -- single

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Current album -- http://www.claimthejoy.com

More music -- http://www.stonetigerentertainmentgroup.com/bancomusic2.html

Stone Tiger Radio -- http://www.live365.com/stations/stonetiger


Feeling a bit camera shy



Lehbanchuleh, whose name means to build upon a solid foundation in Swahili, has certainly done just that with several dynamic projects in the works including his current release on the Stone Tiger label, produced by Banchu Muzik, Claim the Joy. As Lehbanchuleh’s debut solo album, it promises to be a spiritual treat which has already received stellar reviews from the promotional release of several singles.

Lehbanchuleh will also be appearing with Sugar Black on a release later this year from Beres Hammond’s Harmony House label. The already-released singles “Everybody Needs Love” and “Fight On” are creating waves in Jamaica and the UK. The duo’s professionalism and strong vocal content are evident in the songs written by Sugar Black, Lehbanchuleh, and Beres Hammond.

Lehbanchuleh also appears on individual tracks on two recently released Madacy Entertainment albums from the Reggae Rocks series -- tributes to Bob Dillon and to The Beatles. He also appeared on the 2001 “Reggae Rocks, The Tide Is High” release which placed on the Billboard Reggae Charts.

Born Norberth Clarke in St. Mary, Jamaica, Lehbanchuleh first gained international recognition as part of the dynamic singing duo of Sugar Black & Lehbanchuleh. Their extraordinary blend of lovers and cultural songs, and their energetic performances on Reggae Sun Splash, Sumfest, Rebel Salute and a 1999 European & North American tour have made these two artists, both jointly and individually, a melodic force with which to be reckoned.

In 1976, during his school years, Lehbanchuleh aka Norberth Clarke, while performing “Don’t Throw It All Away” as a solo artist, won the famous Tastee Talent Contest, an annual performance competition in Kingston, Jamaica that has been the springboard for many famed reggae careers. Lehbanchuleh than performed as a member of “The Heralders,” a quartet comprised of fellow classmates attending Kingsway High School.

In 1979, the young artist appeared on the Show of the Year in Jamaica with Leroy Smart, Sanchez, Pinchers, and others. Throughout the 1980s, Lehabanchuleh, still known as Norberth Clarke, recorded a number of songs for various labels including the original “Oh, Mama Africa” for the Black Scorpio Label. In 1989, Lehbanchuleh attended an audition at Donovan Germain’s Penthouse Studios. Cultural DJ Tony Rebel, was conducting the auditions and came up with the idea of Sugar Black & Lehbanchuleh, both powerful singers, coming together to form a duo.

The duo, with Lehbanchuleh still known as Norberth Clarke, went on to perform together on numerous shows as well as to record numerous tracks together and individually. Sugar Black & Lehbanchuleh’s first recording together was a remake of El Debarge’s single “Donna,” which was released on the Soljie label in 1990. Other singles released that year by Lehbanchuleh on the Penthouse label were “Andrea & Sophia” and “Endlessly” which made it to number three on the British charts. In 1991, Lehbanchuleh appeared on the Penthouse Celebration compilation with that same single.

In 1993, Sugar Black & Lehbanchuleh officially became members of Flames Production Company. It was at that time that Lehbanchuleh first took his new name as a symbol of his faith and the fact that his life would, from that time forward, be founded upon the foundation of the Almighty. It was a professional set-back for the young singer as he had placed on the Black Echoes Charts in the UK several times with various lover’s rock ballads and had developed quite a following but he felt that he must be true to himself and to his faith.

Lehbanchuleh’s first release under his new name was the single “Let it Be,” a remake of The Beatles’ classic. This was he and Sugar Black’s first official recording on the Flames label and became one of the most requested dubplates for reggae sound systems internationally, establishing their standing amongst their more famous counterparts.

Other Flames releases include “Jordan River” in 1996, the remarkable “Oh Jah”, on the famous LALaBella rhythm and “Precious Souls,” both released in 1997. Sugar Black & Lehbanchuleh released the popular “A Change is Gonna Come” produced by Henry Karyo and Flames Productions in 1998. The artists also appear on the Essence CD with the uplifting track, “A Chance.”

Lehbanchuleh’s 2003 release, Claim the Joy promises to be both uplifting and soul stirring with guest appearances by Luciano, Mikey General, Terry Ganzie, Sugar Black, and Anthony B.

With his remarkable talent and noble vision “to use music to spread the word of the Almighty,” Lehbanchuleh will continue to soar to new heights carrying his listeners with him.