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Leh-Lo (a.k.a. Tony Rabalao) is no stranger to the Toronto music scene. Prior to releasing his first CD you could catch Leh-Lo''s flying locks hitting the skins for Toronto''s own Joy Drop. Stepping back and compiling his own tastes, he has now spread his wings to create his debut CD "Zig Zag".

Leh-Lo''s mystical and soothing voice draws you into his music and lyrics. After listening to the CD you will be taken aback by Leh-Lo''s creativity, originality and style. A compelling look into Leh-Lo''s point of view and thoughts of love, life and music. The ups and downs, the struggles and triumphs set to great rock melodies.

This CD has amazing instrumental sounds and harmonies. Songs like "Something Missing" has a Costello sound backed by a brilliant piano melody. "An Apology" has a great Beatles feel set to great bass riffs, violins and is a heart felt apology after realizing some of the mistakes made in life. Lyrics like "you drew a line and crossed them all so I had to search inbetween " in the song "2 Out of 3" show Leh-Lo''s diverse originality.

This metro-sexual is definitely going to be a trend setter, in more ways than one! With stylish looks, well groomed locks and hard hitting music it won''t be long before Leh-Lo becomes a household name.

Check out Leh-Lo for yourself at http://www.myspace.com/lehlo and decide for yourself. Until then, I''ll just "zig zag to the other side..."

(Click on his pic to visit his site)

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"leh-lo "zigzag" cd review"

tuesday, february 12, 2008

Leh-Lo - Zig Zag
It's true that Lehlohonolo Tony Rabalao has been playing drums throughout the Canadian Music Scene for quite a few years now, but his latest solo album shows that he's much more than just another drummer. "Zig-Zag" is a very impressive release that hops across genres with so much ease that you know he's been carefully studying the art of songwriting while pounding the skins for artists such as Joydrop (whom he also wrote for) and Big Sugar.

In a word, the album rocks. It opens with the title track, an infectious tune with pounding drums, thumping keys and an incredible vocal. It sets the bar pretty high for the rest of the album, but thankfully Leh-Lo does not disappoint. Another rocker is "All Alone," a song that presents a powerful message on equality that never sounds preachy or angry, but honest. "Rocket Science" contains a sly and thought provoking lyric that is nicely wrapped in a hooky melody that is very easy to enjoy. As soon as the driving bass line of "The Numbers" kicks in, you know that you're in for yet another symphonious slice of power pop perfection. What really makes that song for me, is the addition of a swirling wurlitzer, which jumps in at exactly the right time, making this song rise above any others of its ilk. Finally, along with the title track, my other favorite song is the closer, entitled "Responsible." It's a very simple melody but again, the vocal is flawless and, although it's only 3 and a half minutes long, there is still something very epic in its delivery. Overall, 'Zig-Zag" is a very well produced and timeless release that is sure to impress all who give it a listen.

Myspace: Leh-Lo
Purchase: Zig-Zag over at CDBaby and iTunes.
Read more about Leh-Lo over at off-off-indie recordings.

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Has completed his first solo cd, Zigzag, which will be released in 2008.
3 songs have already been placed in a movie and a documentary.
"Zig Zag" is available on Itunes and CD Baby.



Forget what you've heard about drummers; Leh-lo is about to dispel all of those stereotypes. Yes, he is a world-class rock drummer a la Dave Grohl or Stewart Copeland, having toured and recorded with some of the best including Big Sugar, Kalan Porter, Blinker the Star, and of course his band Joydrop. But Leh-lo is the whole package: a gifted singer, a hit songwriter, and a soulful human being with wisdom far beyond his years. To get to the heart of Leh-lo we'll have to start at the beginning…

Born Lehlohonolo (don't even TRY to say it without explicit instruction!) Tony Rabalao, Leh-lo was born in South Africa during the height of apartheid. In search of a home where they could raise a family without constant fear and civil unrest, his parents relocated to Ottawa, Canada, where Leh-lo spent his formative years. It was as a teenager in the Canadian capital where he first challenged his parent's patience by bashing away behind the kit and blaring KISS and Rush on the stereo.

Leh-lo moved to Toronto to pursue his dreams of being a professional musician. It was there that Joydrop was formed, with Leh-lo not only taking on the responsibility of holding down the rhythm section, but as one of the primary songwriters. Joydrop’s first single, the Leh-lo penned ‘Beautiful’, was arguably the band’s most successful single and was a hit in both the U.S. and Canada. The band went on to have 2 major label releases, 3 hit singles, numerous film and TV placements, a Juno award nomination, and a Canadian Radio Music Award in the best new group category.

After 6 years together, Joydrop disbanded and the band members went their separate ways. This gave Leh-lo the opportunity to start working on a solo project where he was not only the songwriter, but performer as well. While he was writing new songs and sifting through older compositions, Leh-lo started honing his guitar-playing and singing chops. In 2006, the time was right to commit the songs to tape, and ‘Zigzag’, Leh-lo’s debut solo cd was born. Even before it's release, 3 of the album's compositions have already been licensed to film and television productions, and another will be featured on a compilation that will accompany the soon-to-be released book '2012'. Co-produced by Leh-lo and former Joydrop bassist Tom McKay, recorded by Jordon Zadorozny (Blinker the Star, Sam Roberts), and mixed by Mark Plati (David Bowie), ‘Zigzag’ is a collection of timeless, melodic, and superbly-crafted rock songs sung the way they were meant to be sung: by Leh-lo himself.