Leh-lo' s music is soulful, timeless, melody-driven, well-crafted rock songs with fresh twists and a familiar sound.


Forget what you've heard about drummers; Leh-lo is about to dispel all of those stereotypes. Yes, he is a world-class rock drummer a la Dave Grohl or Stewart Copeland, having toured and recorded with some of the best including Big Sugar, Kalan Porter, Blinker the Star, and of course his band Joydrop. But Leh-lo is the whole package: a gifted singer, a hit songwriter, and a soulful human being with wisdom far beyond his years. To get to the heart of Leh-lo we'll have to start at the beginning…

Born Lehlohonolo (don't even TRY to say it without explicit instruction!) Tony Rabalao, Leh-lo was born in South Africa during the height of apartheid. In search of a home where they could raise a family without constant fear and civil unrest, his parents relocated to Ottawa, Canada, where Leh-lo spent his formative years. It was as a teenager in the Canadian capital where he first challenged his parent's patience by bashing away behind the kit and blaring KISS and Rush on the stereo.

Leh-lo moved to Toronto to pursue his dreams of being a professional musician. It was there that Joydrop was formed, with Leh-lo not only taking on the responsibility of holding down the rhythm section, but as one of the primary songwriters. Joydrop’s first single, the Leh-lo penned ‘Beautiful’, was arguably the band’s most successful single and was a hit in both the U.S. and Canada. The band went on to have 2 major label releases, 3 hit singles, numerous film and TV placements, a Juno award nomination, and a Canadian Radio Music Award in the best new group category.

After 6 years together, Joydrop disbanded and the band members went their separate ways. This gave Leh-lo the opportunity to start working on a solo project where he was not only the songwriter, but performer as well. While he was writing new songs and sifting through older compositions, Leh-lo started honing his guitar-playing and singing chops. In 2006, the time was right to commit the songs to tape, and ‘Zigzag’, Leh-lo’s debut solo cd was born. Even before it's release, 3 of the album's compositions have already been licensed to film and television productions, and another will be featured on a compilation that will accompany the soon-to-be released book '2012'. Co-produced by Leh-lo and former Joydrop bassist Tom McKay, recorded by Jordon Zadorozny (Blinker the Star, Sam Roberts), and mixed by Mark Plati (David Bowie), ‘Zigzag’ is a collection of timeless, melodic, and superbly-crafted rock songs sung the way they were meant to be sung: by Leh-lo himself.


The Numbers

Written By: Tony Rabalao

There’s nothing new under the sun now
But not to worry ‘cause we’ll make it somehow
‘Cause it’s never enough
Rushing in, running out of empty spaces
The times get tough but we can take it
‘Cause we’re made of the same stuff

Making the numbers, we’re doing the business
And watching it go down
We’re making the numbers, and doing the business
And watching the world go ‘ round and ‘ round

Smooth and silent, the gears are greasy
They spin so fast that you feel uneasy
And spit you out all squeaky clean
Throw a dirty monkey wrench inside the big machine
With all of his forces and all of his men
But will it ever be the same again?…..No
Will it ever be the same again?…..No, no, no

We’re making the numbers
We’re keeping it steady
Making the numbers

We’re doing it on time


Has completed his first solo cd, Zigzag, which will be released in 2008.
3 songs have already been placed in a movie and a documentary.
"Zig Zag" is available on Itunes and CD Baby.

Set List

1. Rocket Science
2. Zigzag
3. Something Missing
4. Days
5.Just Like You
6. Making Plans for Nigel (XTC cover)
7. The Numbers
8. An Apology
9. All Alone
10. 2 Out of 3
11. Get By
Black Smoke
Just What I Needed (Cars cover)

set is approx. 1 hour