Lehto and Wright

Lehto and Wright


A Celtic/American, folk/folk rock trio whose music challenges the boundaries of the traditional folk genre, as it is redefined by their diverse influences, and born anew.


Lehto and Wright have a sound that is a unique blend of traditional and modern styles. By taking cues from the Irish, English and American folk traditions and interpreting them with contemporary guitar based arrangements, Lehto and Wright have taken a fresh approach to the world of Folk and Folk Rock.
Lehto and Wright perform either as an all acoustic duo, or, with the addition of Matt Jacobs on Drums and percussion, a tastefully electric Celtic Rock trio. As a duo, John Wright and Steve Lehto perform al the same material as with Jacobs, only in an acoustic "unplugged" setting. From American spirituals to Irish tune sets, their accomplished twin guitar/mandolin approach has all the intensity and power as the trio with half the volume. As a trio, Lehto and Wright push the boundaries of Celtic Rock utilizing all the tools of a rock band to achieve the effect of a six-piece band with three musicians. With either line up, John Wright and Steve Lehto offer an exciting live performance of traditional and contemporary folk music with an eclectic twist.


"Ye Mariners All"-(2000) New Folk Records
"The Further Adventures of Darling Cory" -(2002) New Folk Records
"A Game of Chess" -(2004) New Folk Records
"The Thrashing Machine and Other Stories" -(2005) New Folk Records
"Live at the Focal Point" -(2006) New Folk Records
Multiple spins from various radio stations, domestic and international (350 radio stations serviced).

Set List

Typical set list consists of material from all studio albums plus upcoming unreleased material. Set lists vary according to venue and length of performance and can include the following:
- Four Drunken Maidens ("Ye Mariners All")
- Skewbald ("Ye Mariners All")
- Nancy Spain ("The Thrashing Machine")
- Handsome Johnny ("Darling Cory")
- I Wish I Was in England/Reaping the Rye/The Basket of Turf/Nothing Will Sadden Us/Gan Ainm/Gan Ainm ("A Game of Chess")
- The Silver Tip/The Merry Tailor/Thompson's Reel ("A Game of Chess")