San Diego, California, USA
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

LEIF(kolt)'s music is stoaked with dark humor and sarcasm and has a distinctly high enery sound. His highly visual lyrics are skillfully delivered with a classic and crisp voice. His production paints eerie and dramatic soundscapes utilizing live and sampled sounds, most of which he plays himself.


Playing live since 1999, LEIF(kolt) has developed
a commanding and engaging stage presence, earning him spots at venues and festivals
across the country. His gifted talents as a songwriter have earned him accolades writing music for various art installations and preformances and in 2007 he was an Internet
Song of the Year Nominee for his song "Boozehound". A talented and recognized designer and video producer, LEIF(kolt)'s lyrics are highly influenced by his involvement in the visual arts, cleverly weaving each song into a rich and engaging narrative.

His highly eclectic background is reflected in some of his influences, sighting Salvador Dali, Charles Bukowski, Bob Marley, The Beastie Boys, Bob Dylan, and Nirvana as some of the artists he has learned from.

In an industry and market so saturated with talent, LEIF(kolt)'s genuine personality and charisma paired with his unconditional dedication his art set him into a class by himself. When one watches LEIF(kolt) preform you get a sense that not only does he truly believe in what he is saying, but that he is not hiding anything and is unafraid to open his arms and bear his soul to an audience.

"LEIF(Kolt) takes shots at the Moet, Bentley and hoes-at-the-pool hip-hop spectacle, as well as our save-not credit crunch culture...Spelunking through the political haze of post-9/11, post industrial, new world order America"


We're All Terrorists

Written By: LEIF(kolt)

We're all terrorists,
we crash planes into souls daily.
Picking up our tolls
spending lives on mercedez benzes
with our windows tinted and
our eyes sewn closed
no one knows
our economy has no gold
But we've got a lot of freaks
with their devils' contracts signed
bottome line bloody sheets!
No one really speaks cause
we've all got the internet
virtual conversations and intelect
dialed in
tapped right into our brainstem
'phone a friend' is so ancient
I'll just text you.
Got my DNA sample in a petri dish
and I'm growing kids with
their faces anonymous
I'm an abortionist but only at
9 months old
cause the new shit is all I rock and
roll out
in assembly line fashion
mind your mouth
cause they're listening from
satellites and spy planes

We're all terrorists!
it's not that funny when your watching on the evening news

we just sit on our couch like a suicide bomb
While we ghostwalk in iraq
we all get caught in an awful daze
and awful days in an awful maze
are casualties and taxes paid
survive on a hard drive
in a hard life
with a sharp knife burried in your back
take the sun and paint in black
there's nothing to see here
please step back.
Got a question? Just dont ask
raise your hand for the upper class
strap this on and walk over there
I promise that you'll have a blast!
We'll all explode and cause errosion
in slow motion
shine the cannon light the fire
its one giant sales promotion
colder than the artic ocean
colder than a heartbeat frozen
colder than a lie told from the lips
upon the face we've chosen.
in our television the scene we see
is so grotesque
people opened at the chest
photographed statuesque
from our desk we write our checks to save the world and expect that our countrys not the next...
we've already lost that bet.

We're All Terrorists! HA HA!

Ebb and Flow ft. iD

Written By: LEIF(kolt)

All music by LEIF(kolt)
Lyrics by L.Kolt and K.Kohnen
Backup Vocals by D.Nicols

pull my pant leg up
getting ready for the flood
tidal wave wash away
all the guilt and blood
hold still
as I carry you through the mud
we can make it if we just learn to keep our heads up
One thing I can guarantee
the tide will rise
and you can always count on me
to shine so bright
when the darkness
swallows up the light
you can either run or
stand and fight

was born in a world where I couldn't breathe
with a pack of bubbles that were up my sleeve
found the difference
between want and need
had a girl that i loved
but i wasted my seed
a reason to love and
a reason to die
kept my head above water where the seagulls fly
when the waves came in
i couldn't swim
so i floated away
couldn't swim if i tried
If the tide rises
swim for the horizon
we'll catch that crest and
ride down in the silence
It's a silent torrent of violence the current pulls me back
underneath earth's skin

All the things you need
got to let them go
got a full glass of water?
just let it flow
someone that you love?
just let 'em know
better let it all out
'fore they end the show
pull it off of to the
side of the stage
with a hook
when the audience
laughs at the way you look
there are no right lines to this book
so we're just going to
wing it like captain cook


adapt to the water line
my gills growing
half the time
chilled from the undertow
the temperature is in decline
perilous errors
leave me spinning on a dime
staring at the levy
as it swells
from the downtime
i break through the body as it spills
as a reminder
at the beginning of time
we're killed
and break the chain
that chains the mind
as we change the terrain
for one final time

So we're setting off on our journey
trying to fight the ebb and flow
we're all
trying to find our soul mates
trying to kill ourselves real slow

back bent from the mission and looking into the well
i see the sandstone dried up with the seashells
the spring tells tales of the tragedy
we're traveling in two's
and a trail of the
tears she weeps
we're sinking fast
and if fills my lungs
a lack of love and
liquid faith
we're changing shape
guess that's what i wanted to taste
i found the treasure but
i can't swim up
with all the weight

Life in a bucket looking through a fishbowl
trying to find a dollar bill at the
end of a
fish pole
don't look in the eyes of
George on a one dollar bill
cause you'll only want more
tore the edge of my paycheck
waiting for the big cashout but
haven't got paid yet
and i'm gonna get fired when
my boss find out
i'm already

now i'm taking every drop
upon my tongue just a rung up
from the primitive
punks and savages
and laughing all the way to the shore
to explore the crude habits of
a similar kind of animal
with a different kind of cabbage
the new world water
with a war of the worst kind
thirsty for the blood
cause the water evaporated
evacuate and save
the last chance that we have
to procreate

sometimes you have a plethora
than you let yourself go
life takes away what it don't owe
you never have anything anyway
everything is temporary
living isn't ordinary but
you've got to live that shit
waiting for the moment
that makes you exist
don't wish on a falling star cause
it probably won't
land where your targets are

Where is Everybody

Written By: LEIF(kolt)

All Music and Vocals by LEIF(kolt)

I'm barely anybody
no one knows what my name is
standing in a broken spotlight
like i'm famous
i got goals but they're vain
it's strange how my mind keeps changing


Days on the road
when i'm far from home
thinking that i'm gold
but nobody knows
so i rock empty shows
and float on
mirrored in the surface the pond
i can see where all my tears have gone

It's a long way back to where i came from
birds ate my breadcrumbs so
i can't turn back anyway
it's a path that winds
through the shade
and doesn't lead anywhere
colorless and all grey

Life in limbo
smoking endo
breathing out prayers
and fogging up my windows
staying trapped here
like a cracked mirror
i can't see past
the man in the pieces

In a run down house with some blood in my mouth
and pen in my hand
with the ink run out
scratch poems in the palm of my hand
so when I handshake
my friends understand

I can paint sad clowns for my portrait
telling bad jokes
play it back and record it
no one laughs so i'm stuck here in orbit
trying to touch down
but I can't move towards it
where I've come from
where I'm going
where I'm trying to get to
without even knowing there's
a map to my soul
in the fast lane
getting passed up while
my compass acts strange

It's a journey and
it takes many steps
to reach the final shore where the sunlight collects
and even though its hard I'll keep taking breaths
till the dirt in the earth fills the lungs in my chest
I heard people love a dead man with regrets but
i don't have any
cause I haven't kept tabs yet
writing bad checks
drinking poison to the neck
i'm sure I'll have some
when I'm finally laid to rest

I'm a nice guy
I've got feelings too
and I might lie
but not to you
and only the smallest ones
we call 'em fibs
standing on the stage
cause the spotlight forgives
and in hindsight
the lime light is too hype
let me play for nobody and
go home all alone tonight
let me play a show for a ghost and
beam it via satellite to the
people i know
who hate me the most
let me sign an autograph to the last man alive
living in a lonely world
trying to keep his hope alive
it would read 'hey buddy,
hope your doing fine,
i know you are an optimist, but
everybody has their time.'

my time was 15 minutes ago
no one let me know
so i showed up late to my show
it's apocalyptic in it's own way yo!
when you hear me loosing time
on a stereo
at the end of my verse where
the chorus goes
its a cold sad world and
we all know


2009- Dead is the New Rich
2007- Spiders and Widows
2005 - Chaotic Neutral
2004- Tambourine
2002- Meloncholic at the Meatwagon
2000 - Definition of Is
1999 - Adam's Eve

Also find LEIF(kolt) music streaming online at Pandora Radio, Head Case Radio, and Shades Radio.

LEIF's music has been heard on radio stations from San Diego (94.9 KBZT) to Michigan (91.5 WUPX).

Set List

LEIF plays a variety of selections with an expansive repetoire of more than 50 active songs.

He plays all original music and is open to a variety of set lengths (based on opportunity) ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours.